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  1. Thank you for your reply. Yes I realized that as well and formulated my research question differently "in what ways is slaughterhouse five an antiwar novel" I was thinking of talking about how the themes of time travel, fate, free will and war all connect and how his unusual way of telling the story by using the shuffle method jumping from back and forth in time is to an antiwar novel. So also talking about free will and morals and how factors from the outside can affect these... Would this even make any sense?
  2. Hello, I am new to this website but thought I'd give it a try... I am currently working on my extended essay which is about slaughterhouse five and the possible research question (we should have already chosen it but I'm still a bit clueless) is "is slaughterhouse five and anti-war novel". I joined the IB 7 months late so I am new to all this... I don't know how to even get started and what I could write about. The "first attempt" is already due next Tuesday... any advice or suggestions? Laetitia
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