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  1. I am currently in year 1 and am a bit worried if taking math applications and interpretations SL will harm my chances of getting into a decent college in the US. My HLs include bio and chemistry (also economics) because I am interested in a major relating to biology or biochemistry. I know that in certain European countries they don't accept math AI SL, but I thought that maybe in the US since they're pretty holistic they wouldn't mind as much, but now that I think about it, because I am interested in the STEM field, choosing a course that is equivalent to the past math studies might not look so good. I was thinking that maybe I can compensate by getting good marks on the SATs since my maths isn't a weak area of mine and I was placed in the advanced class last year so if I score high then it will indicate I am a strong maths student, but I don't know if this would still apply. While I am not aiming for Ivy leagues, I am still looking into quite competitive colleges in the US (acceptance rate 15-40%) so I just wanted to know if whether switching to HL would be a better option. However, I'm scared whether I can keep up with the workload with two HL sciences and HL math. Is it better to change?
  2. I am currently going into my junior year and starting the IB soon, but from my understanding the IB has made changes to the assessments and there will no longer be the IOC and IOP but a different kind of oral assessment. What are the differences between the current oral component and the new oral component? Will the texts be unseen? If you are aware, please give a detailed explanation! Thank you
  3. Hello, I am currently going into my junior year and my language A course that I am scheduled to take is English lang/lit SL. However, right now I am in a huge dilemma of whether I should switch to lit or stay with lang/lit. I initially picked lang/lit solely because it is known for being easier of the two and to be honest, my literary analysis skills are not very strong while on the other hand, my language skills are quite strong. It takes me a lot of time to come up with an argument (hence, timed assessments are the worst, especially if the text is unseen :/). However, I feel like if the literary aspects only cover half of the coursework in the lang/lit class, I wouldn't really improve as much as I would prefer to and I'm not sure if it would be enough to prepare me for the final exams if I were presented with a literary text. However, while I do enjoy analyzing novels, analyzing dramas (Shakespeare to be exact) and poems are definitely not my strongest suit. I don't really think much about analyzing language texts and I fairly enjoy it as well, but I do find literary texts to be more interesting with the author's intentions. I know I probably will suffer if I switch to lit but I am interested in improving my literary analysis skills. Overall, I don't plan on going into the humanities in college as I am more interested in the sciences. And of course, at the end of the day I do care about getting good grades and I know that for the 2021 lang/lit exams, paper 1 is a language text so I wouldn't struggle too much with this, as oppose to if I were to take lit, actually don't improve that much, and fail with the literature texts. But I would also like to read more too hehe. Should I stay with lang/lit or switch?
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