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  1. Completely unrelated but Ms. Castle and Mr. Thornley both teach at my school hehe
  2. This is a pdf my school has so your might be similar with the external assesments and curriculum. Music_Higher_Level_2016-2019.pdf btw im taking hl music so the pdf is based on hl
  3. I'm in 10th grade and I've figured out almost my IB courses: Lit and Lang Arabic B Global Politics Mathematics Physics Music I know I want to take lit/lang and glob. pol at sl but I am not sure whether to take Music or Arabic at sl. I already take music outside of school, play three instruments for 5-6 years, and have taken music theory and comp for 5 years too. I've heard that hl math and science are super difficult so with my previous experience, it might be an easier hl course. I know that I might want to pursue music in college, in addition to physics, so that would help, wouldn't it? I still think that music might be a waste of my time because Arabic, of course, is way more academic. What do you guys think?
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