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  1. SamanthaCarter

    Plagiarizing?? IB Diploma??

    I didn t read all my sources for internal assessment but one of my quotes was from history.com. However I completely messed up the citation for the quote. Will they consider it plagiarism and will I get my IB Diploma taken away? I m panicking so much. Is the IB super strict about it because both my chem and history one was like 5-9%... Also, if i get accepted to u of m, will they revoke their acceptance if i dont have my ib diploma? Will the administration see that I "plagiarized" ?
  2. SamanthaCarter

    Should I request for a remark?

    will they college youre going to reconsider their acceptance if you dont get your diploma?
  3. SamanthaCarter

    CAS Project??

    I am on vacation during the summer in Europe and I haven't come up with a CAS project yet. (I'm not sure if we are supposed to have one but I think it would be good to do it anyway). Is doing a travel vlog with my family considered a "Creative" CAS project? I'm not sure it would be approved.

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