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  1. okay so my history class doesnt have any books so we go off a powerpoint and its so hard bc he doesnt really teach us because hes a economic teacher. how can i be better at history without the books? he puts the powerpoints up but i dont think thats enough for me, can i order books? any study tips? i want to do somewhat above decent on the ib test but i dont think itll work out if this keeps up
  2. you can do an english ee on books about the journey of a character whos an immigrant and the struggles they faced and what they had to go through. if you need help dm me
  3. okay so I volunteered at my local library for 6 hours every day (6 days/w) for 9 weeks, meaning I had over 320-ish hours, can This still count as CAS? If so, what category of targeted learning outcomes does this apply? My teacher said we have to have to have all the boxes checked out when were done with CAS and IB or it wont count. I think she means to experience something from each? Strength + growth initiative + planning collaborative skills ehtics of choices + actions challenge + skills commitment + perseverance global engagement
  4. If you're failing math SL, you can always study throughout the summer. take this time to do your ee's/ias if they arent done and study for some classes. Khan academy is v good for Math Studies SL. https://www.khanacademy.org/math/math1
  5. i take math studies but to what extent does the death rates and birth rates correlate with eachother in india. you can butcher this up if you want! hopefully this helps! what is your planning/organization of your paper?
  6. okay yes, take that. economics and business management all have to deal will finance. but remember, you can always drop your classes if you need to! youre mental health is important. (: good luck!
  7. we are not suppose to do your work for you. but there are crashcourses available on the great gatsby. sparknotes.
  8. I'm currently doing my Extended Essay for english. I havent started because I am confused on what to write about specifically, i know it shouldn't be a broad topic, but i also want to do something I enjoy. I was thinking to write about slavery and how they treat wo/men in the books I've chosen, but i feel like that's a broad topic. I want it to be interesting. So my other idea, is to write about journeys and self realization in literature. One book, is Alice in wonderland, which is where she goes through her journey to a happy ending, that's the good thing. I want to find another book that's kinda like it but it's bad, like dante's inferno, where he goes through his journey of hell, which is the bad thing, but realizes his place. Do you have any recommendations for a book similar to dante's inferno? any other mythological stories similar to it? I also want to email you my EE throughout the process so you can read it. I want to score a 7 but i dont think my topic question is good enough. please help. Also i've attached the IB example that I saw based on this. But they used Dante's Inferno and The Wizard of Oz. Would this still count as plaigarism? If I have a similar research question but different books? Im scared that I'll fail because it's similar to this paper. http://leehs-fcps.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=28573378
  9. What Math are you taking? Math Studies? If so, remember it's a correlation and a chi-square. (: If you need help with you math IA here's a link to a vid, he goes through the planning of it and goes through an example. Really good. Good Luck!
  10. Well of course, a math class. In Math Studies, there was only one section of money. So I'd recommend the other math options available. YOu should also take a language because it'd be helpful.
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