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  1. Due to covid-19 we were told that we should make an IA using only databases. The thing is that so far I have only seen IA topics about enthalpy and I havent studied that yet. Do you have any other ideas?
  2. Thank you! Im going to use probability and statistics. I hope it turns out fine. My teacher doesnt really have experience at all in IB. The worst part is we havent learned almost anything, just some topics from functions and number and algebra so Im hoping to learn and do this by myself. I think I am going to change my topic to one related to ecomomics, but I am still going to use statistics. Well once again, thank you!
  3. Hey! Please help me :c My school is very new with the IB and right now we are working on our IA in Math aa My topic is "Correlation between milk consumption and acne in young people between 15 and 17 years old" Is it alright? I also wanted to compare these results with the ones of another country (since the milk consumption in Ecuador is kinda low) It is the first year of my teacher in IB and she says I should have personal reasons to do it, but i have! Thank you if anyone answers and sorry for my bad english
  4. So... I want to do my IA of math aa about the correlation of respiratory diseases and the level of pollution in my country. I don't know if it's a good topic and I want to have a good grade :( Could someone give me more ideas please? I would ask my teacher for help but it is her first year as an IB teacher and my school has just started with the program sooo its kinda messed up Thank you and sorry for my english<3
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