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  1. Hey, I am currently working on my ESS IA, whereas my teacher has approved my topic, however as my thought was to use (and cite as my main source, but obviously not the only source) a government-controlled experiment report, she was quite clear on the fact that this was not tolerated, as I needed to collect my own data. Yet, I cant seem to find anything from an official IB source stating that this is a requirement. As per my topic is quite complicated, it is practically impossible to gather data myself, however, I have loads of data from that report. So, if there actually is a requirement to gather own data, I have to change my topic. The report is describing why and how they did the experiment, the results of it, the implications etc... so that part is covered per the assessment criteria. Therefore my question is whether there is a requirement to actually set out an experiment myself, or whether primary data by a primary source is enough? Also, by the way, this teacher will not grade my IA, if that matter..Thanks for any clarifications.
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