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  1. Kshady

    I am unsure of my Math EE (HL)

    Ya I did all that, except Euler's Totient. Discussed the mathematics for both cryptosystems. Maybe I am just doubting myself. Thanks for the suggestion man!
  2. Kshady

    I am unsure of my Math EE (HL)

    Appreciate your suggestion but the thing is our school does not offer CS. Moreover, I have not discussed much computer related information in the essay at all. So I doubt it'll make the cut for a good CS EE. To give you an overview. I talk about the cryptosystems, the mathematics involved, ways to solve them, etc. On the basis of this research, I then conclude which is more suitable. Maybe it is just the anxiety idk. Thanks for your suggestions much appreciated!
  3. I am doing my Math EE on cryptography : comparison of RSA and Diffie-Hellman on the basis of mathematical function, ways to solve them, and performance. I just completed it, yet I feel so unsure about it. Is there enough math? Is it too much computer science?, etc. I wrote 3960 words. Any suggestions? Thanks =)

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