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  1. Hi! I just wanted to know if I could do my CS EE on random number generators. The basic idea is that I will code a two random number generators in different computer languages (Java and C++) and then compare the two. My CS teacher has no idea what number generators are and blatantly said yes... So do you guys think this topic is good for CS? Thanks guys! Appreciate it!
  2. Ya I did all that, except Euler's Totient. Discussed the mathematics for both cryptosystems. Maybe I am just doubting myself. Thanks for the suggestion man!
  3. Appreciate your suggestion but the thing is our school does not offer CS. Moreover, I have not discussed much computer related information in the essay at all. So I doubt it'll make the cut for a good CS EE. To give you an overview. I talk about the cryptosystems, the mathematics involved, ways to solve them, etc. On the basis of this research, I then conclude which is more suitable. Maybe it is just the anxiety idk. Thanks for your suggestions much appreciated!
  4. I am doing my Math EE on cryptography : comparison of RSA and Diffie-Hellman on the basis of mathematical function, ways to solve them, and performance. I just completed it, yet I feel so unsure about it. Is there enough math? Is it too much computer science?, etc. I wrote 3960 words. Any suggestions? Thanks =)
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