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  1. belle25

    Exchange year as a IB Student!!! PLS help

    Hi ! I don't know too much but I can give you some advice, I would say that moving to another country in DP2 would definitely be a risky move if school and your final mark is important to you. Your exchange school may not have the same courses that you are doing, so that would be extremely difficult . It can also even be very hard to pick up different teaching styles over a limited time and while the actual content may be the same, the delivery of the content may not be consistent and that may be hard for you when studying for your exams. I would say that a move would almost definitely be disruptive to your studies. I went on a short exchange to Canada (only 1 month) in year 10 and it was definitely an amazing experience. However, it was very disruptive to me and I felt it very hard to catch up on the work I had missed and hard to adapt to the teaching styles. And that was only 1 month in year 10 so I definitely think it would be very hard for you to move to another country in your final year of schooling. Just consider these options when making your final decision
  2. belle25

    Summer before IB Year 1

    Hi! I definitely think there are things to do before starting the IB that could help you when you start. I don't know too much but here are some things that could help - Organise and have an idea of what activities you will be doing for CAS in advance - Print out your syllabuses and have a read to get your head around the content - Organise all of your books and folders to use for school work and homework etc. These websites may also help - https://www.lanternaeducation.com/ib-blog/starting-the-ib/
  3. belle25

    IB choices (exams in 2021)

    Hey! I'm starting in January 2020 and I'm taking: HL English Literature HL Economics HL Sports, exercise and health science SL Spanish ab initio SL Maths SL Chemistry
  4. Creativity: school musical, school art classes and youtube channel / blogging Action: I do cross country and team sports (netball, touch footy) for school. My mum and I also go to our local gym on Saturdays and do yoga and Zumba classes. Service: Hospital volunteering, tutoring / subject advice and overseas service immersions
  5. belle25

    Should I do the IB program

    Yes, I go to an IB school in Australia and we get an equivalent ATAR for our IB score. https://ibaustralasia.org/university-entrance this link shows the equivalent ATAR for your IB score (In 2020)

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