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  1. I am planning to do my ToK presentation on legal punishments (or authoritative decisions not to sound cliche) with a rape case as my central RLS. The first connotation that is attached to rape cases is unethical and negative. People often tend to formulate their claims about rape cases in a way that uses only emotion as a factor in understanding a rape case. Several other factors that aid for a reasonable point of view are neglected which develops a bias and flawed decision in the community. We must incorporate factors such as the rapists socio-cultural background, the traditions they were brought up in and the lack of education they received to develop a holistic and well-founded idea of shared knowledge. I am therefore questioning the justification of excluding these factors not only in rape but in various other crimes as well that will lead to flawed authoritative decisions and also bring up that consideration of these factors will not only give us a better sense of 'ethics' itself but will also allow us to work on these factors and prevent such crimes from the elementary levels of society. Do y'all think this to be a good topic or does it need work in certain aspects? Please help! :)
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