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  1. Hi..i am in Dp1..i am planning to do my biology ee on the seismonastic activity of mimosa pudica(touch me not) and another plant which i am not sure on. So what i thought to do is to connect both the plants with an ECG(electrocardiogram) .So when i touch the touch me not an action potential will be generated on the other plant which will be displayed on the ecg.So can i investigate how the intensity of touch on the touch me not affects the action potential of the other plant.?Is this idea worthy of doing an EE?
  2. Hi..When i checked for the requirements of genetic engineering(for any biotech course) the subject requirements were Chem hl/sl,Bio and English hl(that is if you're school makes it compulsory to take english hl..but that is not the case with my school) and math sl ,language, itgs hl.So now im still confused on what to do...
  3. What about Itgs hl?Like can I do Chem hl,bio hl and itgs hl and math sl,english sl and french ab initio....Will these combinations be ok for genetic engineering...?or should i do itgs sl instead of physics sl and still continue doing math hl..?
  4. Thanks for your reply.. Actually i have opted for non-regular diploma..so that is why i choose physics sl...So in that case is physics sl fine..?or what do you recommend? And what about forensics..?Will these subject choices apply for forensics also..?I have left my course option open for forensics also...
  5. I really want to do math sl instead of hl and drop physics sl..But I do not know the other hl subject i need to take...
  6. Hi..I'm in ibdp year 1.My board exam is in November 2020.Currently I have chosen Math hl,chemistry hl,biology hl and english sl,physics sl and french ab initio.I recently found interest in genetic engineering.Are these subjects the best choice for genetic engineering...? Kindly reply..
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