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  1. Hello Everyone, I take the IB HL History Course. As part of the course, we cover 6 wars, 3 authoritarian states, and Rwanda and Kosovo. But at HL we also do post-war Europe, the french revolution and interwar Europe. The 6 wars we have covered are in three categories of civil wars, guerilla wars and total wars. Civil wars - Spain and Paraguay Guerilla wars - Algerian war of independence and the Irish war of independence Total Wars - Iran Iraq and the Falklands We do Mussolini, Peron and some guy from Tanzania for authoritarian states. If anyone needs help please feel free to drop me a message
  2. Hello everyone, I need help to chose a question for my HL History IA. I was thinking about doing the battle of la Drang for the topic. It would go something like to what extent was the battle of la Drang a victory for US forces? Is this a good question? If you have ideas on how to improve the question I'm all ears Thank you for your help
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