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  1. Hello World! I'm new in this forum so if I do something wrong please keep in mind that I'm still not familiar with this type of communication. My name is Jason and I'm an IB student from Germany. At the moment I am working on my TOK presentation which I need to hand in on next Wednesday. I'm still unsure with my KQ and RLS and my teacher is not willing to help me with anything. His response to almost every question: "The IB requires me to let you do the work on your own and it would be an unfair advantage to get any help from him". This is the first year of the IB-Diploma and since no teacher has worked with the materials before I'm lost and don't know what to do. I'm frustrated because I really need to get my certificate. At this point, I hope to get some help from you guys. My RLS is the following: At a press conference in Tehran, the foreign minister of Iran Javad Zarif states that his country executes homosexual people for their sexual orientation. He believes in the moral principles of the society concerning the behavior of people and refers to the Islamic law that needs to be respected and obeyed. I wrote down some KQs but I feel like that none of them fits to the topic. Some of them are like the following: First order KQ: To what extent does authority create a basis for bias? FO KQ: How does authority influence personal knowledge production? Secondary KQ: To what extent should we trust an authority figure? S KQ: To what extent is religion useful in the production of knowledge? What should I do know? I've looked up the structure of the presentation but for some reason I can't find information that fits to my purpose, especially without the right KQ. I would really appreciate your help guys! Thank you so much beforehand and greetings from Germany! -Jason
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