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  1. hello guys, to be honest, I'm not really good in math, i actually need help in my math ia, I choose my topic finding the surface area of water in tilted water. but the problem is I don't really understand how I'm going to do this. Also, i need to summit my frist draft on thic coming wednesday, so please help me. it would mean a lot. and can you also suggest me something how can i write in the introduction and in my personal engagement? pleaseee i really need help.
  2. hello guys, this is regarding my psychology IA. I did my experiment on the self-serving bias and on Monday I have to submit my first draft. but I'm actually struggling writing my introduction what all do I need to include and write about, how to start. my teacher said not to mention the attribution theroy. she said to talk about the socio-cultural biases because SSB falls under cognitive bias but I'm soo confused. please, i really need help. can anyone help to outline my introduction about what all i need to talk? please, your help would mean a lot.
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