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  1. Hello! I am planning to major in economics or business in university, and am thinking of studying in the US or Canada. Should I take HL Physics with HL Math application and HL Visual Art to show my willingness to take the most challenging course out of what I can, or take HL Economics instead of HL Physics to relieve my stress with HL Physics and HL Math, and aim for higher grade overall? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am a junior and currently taking my first year of IB. I am planning to major in business or economics in college, and am currently taking HL Physics, HL Math application, HL Visual art, economics for SL. I am planning to go to the US or Canada for college, and I know that the requirements for the IB subjects is not as strict as it is in the UK, so I was wondering if I should take HL Physics or take SL Physics and raise economics to HL, because I like both subjects, but I am struggling with Physics right now. How different in terms of difficulty is HL physics and Sl physics? Also, if HL physics would benefit my future career, then I am ought and willing to try taking Physics at HL, but if not, I am wondering if I should change it to economics HL instead. Does anyone have any opinion please? I am really struggling
  3. Hello, I'm a Junior starting IB this year, and I'm currently taking HL Visual Art, HL Application and Interpretation and HL Physics. However, currently, I am struggling as to whether I should take Physics or Chemistry. I like different fields of chemistry and physics, and I initially chose physics because 1) it matches better with my other subjects, and 2) I like how physics is more logical, and how once you understand, the following steps is quite easy to do. However, three weeks in of IB and I feel like I'm not good enough to do physics HL, especially because everyone around me is so smart. I also heard that physics requires talent and I don't think I have any talent in physics, or even talent in math, even though it requires a lot of math. Since I really want to take HL science, I am considering taking Chemistry HL instead of Physics HL, but I don't really know if that is a good decision, because both Physics and Chemistry syllubus seems really interesting to me. Also, I think Physics matches better with my other HL's, and since I don't know where I want to go for University yet, I want to keep my options broad, but I feel like I might score better in Chemistry. Is there any suggestion as to which course is more difficult and demanding?
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