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  1. uhhliney

    Math AI SL

    Ahhhhh thank you for this ! but the thing is i am currently dp year 1 and its only week 2. We have barely started anything in Math (its all been GCSE recap) so if i have to change i have to change now. Do you still think its a bad decision to do so? Like theres no point if I take any AI SL, and like AA HL is far too much of a reach as its the hardest course out there so i feel like its best if i can somehow get into AI HL now. to he honest, its a huge myth that pilots need hardcore sciences and math to be able to become one. pilots themselves have said that on countless forums but if i wanna do aeronautical engineering beside my pilot license, its a different story lol. Which i wont ofcourse rip.
  2. uhhliney

    Math AI SL

    I didnt quite reach the grades to be able to do Math AI HL I mean I got a 6, borderline 7 at GCSE but I needed an 8 to be able to do AI HL. The thing is that SL is way too easy, and nobody will care about it, especially if I want to be able to proceed with my career as a pilot (as y'know its math oriented). My school says that SL and HL is the same in the first year and that I can switch if I do well. First, I want to know if this is true. Can't trust the people at school for some reason. I know its true for English And second, can I please have some helpful advice for Math AI SL so I can switch to HL and maintain some respect in the math community lolol I basically straight up neglected GCSE Math and cant let that happen with IB as well so yeah

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