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  1. It depends on the subject and topic you've choose. I completed my EE on psychology and received a total of 13% plagiarism
  2. If math is your hands-down definitive best subject, then it's doable to get an A. Keep in mind that C is the average grade across all subjects. Basically if you have always been 1-2 years ahead in math than your peers, or are able to pick up math quicker than the others than Math EE can be an option. You want to first read the Math chapter in the EE guide, understand the criteria, and brainstorm on some possible topics. Keep your options open and find topics in other subjects as well.
  3. Well, I am in serious trouble. I have ordered an essay online. And it looks I came across a fraudster. It is lucking I made a very small prepayment. Now they do not respond and it looks they will not revert. Are you happy with the services you use? What is your favorite legit essay writing service? I really need some serious suggestions. How do you pay for the work? And what is the guarantee you will get a completed work in the end?
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