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  1. I have tried all that yaar , but my parents have lost all hopes in me and so have i - muje khud nahi pata merko kya karna hai
  2. ibstudentfail

    Failing IB

    I am the second year of IB and i am legit failing ib not gonna lie, my mom met my teacher and even she said that she has no chance she might fail ib and not get the diploma !!!! i am really scared cause i am lacking everything , i am failing my subjects and my parents are so disappointed in me especially my mom !!! my 18th bd is coming and my mom told me we aint clebratin it cause the only thing u think ofis enjoying etc etc ... i don't know what to do , the current ib points i am oni 21- 27 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is currently a fail !!! pls someone help me i have also had suicidal thought which i think is the best option than seeing my parents in so much trouble and pain !! pls is there anyone i can make my parents proud and prove them that i am gonna pass ib with flying color !s ?
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