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  1. Wow. I seriously cannot thank you enough for such a clear and coherent answer. It is clear that you have done a ton of research on this! Let's hope I can get into at least one of these amazing schools (bearing in mind that I'm applying to their most competitive course!)
  2. Hi guys, I'm an international IB student from SE Asia and I was wondering if people have gotten in with low predicted grades to U Waterloo CS and U of Toronto SG CS. Mine is currently at 38/45 points (36/42) but can go up 2 extra points by December if I perform well in sem exams. I should be getting 40/45 (38/42) as I have already shown a lot of improvement (Yes, I messed up grade 11). Anyway, here are my predicted grades by subject (as of NOW): - 7 in HL Physics 6 in HL Math 5 in HL Chem (will defo go to a 6 by December) 7 in SL Economics 6 in SL French 5 in SL English A lang lit (highly likely to go to a 6 by December) 2 bonus points (B in CS EE and B in TOK) GPA is around 3.63 on a 4.0 scale, roughly in B+ to A- region. Of course, weighted GPA should be much higher as I'm getting all As in grade 12 (at least as of now). It's mainly grade 11 sem 1 dragging my GPA down. I have done SATs as well, scoring a 1410 as of now but I'm gonna do it again and hopefully get a higher score. I've done tons of ECAs too (organised clubs and events pertaining to CS in school, done an internship, etc.) If there's anyone who got into UTSG or U Waterloo CS with similar or worse scores, please let me know. Also, please mention if you're an international student as they have extra seats for Canadian students. Thanks for your help!
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