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  1. Hello, Thanks so much! I just followed you on instagram, so happy to have someone else as support other than my teacher 😊. Thanks for athe advice, i really appreciate it! -idontknowanymore
  2. Hello fellow procrastinators, I am just beginning my EE (history) and I have been encountering problems because of my research question. Currently my question is: “How has the Filipino immigration experience evolved over the course of the 1950s-2000s within the US?” My supervisor told me that it was to broad and doesn't suggest an analytical response. Right now I've bee trying to brainstorm for alternatives and created new questions: To what extent does immigration influence identity? To what extent does immigration influence culture? Though it seems more analytical, I still think the question is too broad, and doesn't even seem like a historical analysis. I've been trying to find specific events to narrow down my time frame, but found nothing that seemed to work with immigration between the US and the Philippines. I appreciate any help! Thank you, idontknownanymore 😀
  3. Hiii! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your advice. Right now, I'm the only person doing IB French HL in my whole school, so it's been kind of scary and confusing. But I do find myslef being the one to take initative in class activies, so that's something. You seem to be doing a lot more practice than I do 😅 but I'll try my best! Do you have any show/movie recommendations? Also, it's nice to know another junior! Thanks again, idontknownanymore
  4. Hi everybody, My school does not offer an IB Film course but I am interested in writing an EE about Studio Ghibli films and the themes of self-discovery and maturity. I've heard that some people don't recommend doing an EE on a subject that you don't take as a class but I wanted more insight if other people would also not recommend me to do that. I'm also interested on how hard the grading for the a film EE would be in relative to, let's say, a History EE. I would to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much, idontknowanymore
  5. Hi fellow procrastinators! I'm currently a junior and I am having second thoughts on taking HL French. Right now, I'm losing confidence in doing well because I've been seeing some discussions that say a number of people around the world that take HL French are somewhat fluent. As someone that is quite "average" at French, I'm curious on how difficult it is exactly to pass HL French. So far my skill level has been hard to evaluate because my teacher focuses on the immersion experience, so more talking, and less grammar and vocab. The farthest that i have gotten in grammar was "Passé composé" from 9th grade. To give you a better sense of my experience in class, here is a summary: 9th Grade Online Textbook Mostly grammar and vocab Videos (youtube) Regular final exam 10th Grade They mixed us with the freshman this year Easy for the people in my grade but hard class for the freshman No grammar/some vocab Worksheets on reading Writing practice Our final was a group presentation in French 11th Grade together with the seniors Hard class for me No grammar/vocab discussions reading a book So that's basically it! I do like French in general but the class seems to not be working for me, despite many previous complaints about the teacher. If I do continue taking higher level, I would want to do independent practice on my own but I don't know if that will be sufficient enough. I'm not quite sure what I want to do in College, but studying languages may be something. If I choose to bump down to SL, I'll switch to do HL in another class that I'm interested in. So. Should I continue with HL? Thank you PS. sorry that this got very detailed and long PPS. Have a nice day!
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