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  1. Hey there, This is my first year of IBDP, and I've chosen Visual Arts at an SL level. We're already in our 3rd month of the course but our teacher is bit of a snob and frankly, I can't figure out what to do with this subject. I'm supposed to come up with a theme for all my SL artworks by monday, and based on that theme prepare a draft sketch of a installation we are supposed to make before December. I've thought about some theme ideas and this is what I could come up with: Desolation: How alienated and desolated we feel from our surroundings. Out of place: Being different from how society demands us to be. Wild Desolation: How animals are driven to desolation with the advent of humankind. I'm not sure if something like this will work, given the hideous pressure of making an installation in under a month. I'm real freaked out! If only someone somewhere out there can give me a direction. Thank you!
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