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  1. Dosco

    ITGS HL Notes

    Back in my day we used http://itgsopedia.wikispaces.com/
  2. You're asking me something I posted five years ago... Give me a bit more context and I can try to help. But as for your "product" that should be fine^.
  3. Dosco


    Not at all, that's absolutely fine. But just for the sake of it, i recommend Wordpress instead since it requires some amount of scripting/apache work which is always nice to show. If you do use Wix, do some of your own custom HTML/Javascript for the client so it looks like you worked on some actual code.
  4. I have no idea how much work you've currently done into your EE and if it matches the Comp Sci EE requirements so I'll leave that up to you. you could compare storage capacity by filling them both up with files and seeing if there's a difference in capacity? Other things I can think of would be Security, Compression, Features/Additional functionality, Journaling etc. Make charts like this: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ee681827(v=vs.85).aspx
  5. Not sure why you would pick that topic but if your looking for first hand data, maybe you could do read/write tests and compare each filesystem's real world performance? Then try and reflect upon any statistical significance you may find?
  6. I fully understand how a blockchain works but can you really tell me the best (current) real world application of the blockchain technology that the average internet consumer uses? Currently its only bitcoin thus you will have to talk about it. Anyway, you are free to choose whatever topic you want but I personally would not write on a topic where it's all based on hypothetical scenarios and "potential of xyz technology".
  7. Well to start with the tech field always has stakeholders, it really depends on your topic. Speaking of your topic... I really am not sure why you're your picking a topic like blockchain. If you do that, you're gonna have to inadvertently talk about Bitcoin and there's a whole host of social and ethical issues you can explore there. Personally I think your topic is slightly flawed as I really don't think blockchain technology is that revolutionary that it can make an impact on the way people interact with each other on the internet...
  8. I'm really not sure if your RQ falls within the spectrum of ITGS but its worth a shot. A good way to frame this would be: "To what extent does blocking and filtering of XYZ websites have an impact on the learning and productivity of students in secondary education?"
  9. While I didn't personally go there I know people who did. I cannot personally get you in touch with them but I can answer questions here if you have any. You can also reach out to their admissions department and ask them if they can get you in touch with current students at their college who may have done the IB.
  10. Since you're in 9th grade I really don't recommend you worry about any of this. As long as you can achieve consistently high scores in your 10th, 11th and 12th grades, there really isn't any reason why as to why Ivy league schools should be out of your reach. Don't forget that extra curriculars and your personal essays carry a lot of weight as well.
  11. Pretty much yes, but it's up to the school's discretion whether the reasons are justified or not.
  12. Of course. Especially if you're applying to the US.
  13. Most of the advice has already been covered so I'll just add my 2 cents. Firstly quit worrying about your SAT scores, most colleges just need their students to hit their respective minimum threshold. The SAT score is just a number to them and doesn't say much about you to them. Hence your personal essays and grades matter far more. Secondly, don't forget the very first thing a college will look at when they begin with your application: your finances. Whether or not you can afford to pay for the next 4 years plays a fairly big role. If you plan to apply for financial aid/scholarships your chances are overall automatically lowered. If not, you should be golden. On another note, Based on your list I personally recommend UCSB. Its a good mix of partying and education and Santa Barbara is an awesome city. Take it from someone who's just graduated college, It is SO much better going to a school next to a beach rather than someplace cold and boring like Maryland..... or Canada. Source: I worked for my university's admission department for a year.
  14. Yeah I can proof read if you like. Shoot me a message with your essay attached.
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