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  1. Hey Kmro, I think there are some things and places you should look that would really help. First of all, a great resource for a ton of sheet music maybe for your romantic opera would be IMSLP. I'm not sure if they have what you define as "Arabic music," however I think that might help you in your MLI. In looking at "Arabic" music, I think it might be helpful to think of what qualities you use to define it. A lot of traditional music doesn't use a common western music notation, so finding a score, or a score you can use may be very difficult. What I would recommend is finding examples in the audio of what you are looking for, and notate them yourself (MuseScore is free and good for that). As well, when writing an MLI, you should really focus on the content and elements of the music, much more than the individual works. That being said, I think you should look at some recordings of Naseer Shamma, who has a lot of string music (he plays Oud) in a style I think you could use for examples. There's tons of resources out there so I think with some basic research you should be able to find what you're looking for. Best of luck!
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