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  1. haha, you're just being critical - like any typical IB-student.. haha, great. i am going to measure it using the "modified prussian blue method for total phenolics", which a professor called ann e hagerman has come up with.. it actually seems as if it's going to work! i am going to measure the antioxidant activity by measuring the amount of phenolics in a cup of tea, so it's really all about analytical chemistry. ...though i don't think i am going to put too much effort into it, since the final assessment of the essay is so arbitrary anyway... at least, that's what i've heard. as for the study guide, i have that one.. it's my chemistry bible.
  2. mymmlan

    English A1 WLA titles

    I think the main thing is just to try and make the title as specific as possible. To try to explore an aspect of the works which is as narrow as possible, without leaving you with too little material.. We've also studied The House of Bernarda Alba... Isn't it quite obvious that she (Bernarda) is a powerful authority figure? Maybe that's what your teacher meant by 'cliche'. She/he maybe wanted you to try and argue for something a little bit more revolutionary...? I know some good titles that students at my school used (all 7s): How the symbolism of children is a substructure of themes and messages in A Doll's House and A Streetcar Named Desire The use of sexuality in the characterisation of women in Madame Bovary and The House of Spirits Letter as a means of characterisation in A Doll's House and A Streetcar Named Desire (These are quick translations from Swedish...) My own title is something like: How animal imagery is used to describe the female characters in A Doll's House and A Streetcar Named Desire (I think I'll get good marks..)
  3. mymmlan

    English A1 WLA titles

    I'm writing my World Lit A on A Doll's House and A Streetcar Named Desire. I'm comparing 'the function of the animal imagery used to describe the female characters'. It is a pity that my essay is in Swedish, otherwise I would have submitted it, because I think I will get good marks.... Or, at least my techer thinks so.. What is you topic? Do you need help to find a topic, or to get started with the writing?? Tell me - I'm the literature freak!
  4. mymmlan

    Norwegian A1

    I also have Sedish A1!! koolt, dej kan man snacka svenska med då ju. fast jag älskar A1. vilka verk läser ni? kan ju hända att vi har samma.. jag kan dra över dej till the dark side, så att du också blir frälst på poesi..
  5. mymmlan

    Which Biology Options do you take?

    I would reeeeally like to do FHP, but our teacher says we can't, since it's an HL-only option.. We have to study our options with the SLs... that sucks, 'cause we ended up studying evolution and neurobiology and behaviour... i'm doind the same options as you do! i donät like them that much, though... i would like to do Further Human Physiology..
  6. mymmlan

    What does your username mean?

    my name (mymmlan) is a character in some Finnish/Swedish children's stories, i.e. the stories about Moomin (by Tove Jansson). the character is not present that much, but her little sister is. her little sister is aggressive, sarcastic and 1m tall.
  7. mymmlan

    Any movies you've seen recently?

    I sort of agree - I don't think HP needs anything mor ethan the books themselves. Except maybe more eloquent language.... don't you guys react to that? the language in the HP books is complete rubbish, the only function it serves is like a transport between the events. true, an exciting children's story does not need complex imagery, but would some literary value be too much to ask for??
  8. mymmlan

    What song are you listening to?

    Are You Tired of Being an Object? - The Ark (a Swedish group)
  9. I use "Graph", and it can be downloaded from the website: http://www.padowan.dk/graph/ It has given me good marks, but I don't know if it works for all assignments... Good Luck! (and if you have any other advice concerning Math IAs - tell me! i'm not that fond of maths, to be honest but diplomatic... )
  10. mymmlan

    IA topic

    I realise that it would be quite hard to receive full marks, but all the memory experiments are so boring! (no offense) I know we don't write our IAs in order to conduct mind-baffling research, but it feels boring to do a classical study. Then there is a great risk that the participants already know about the study, or that they 'see through' it during the experiment... ----But perhaps I should just resign and conform to the conventions.. (If I want full marks...)
  11. I'm writing my EE in Chemistry - "how does the brewing method affect the antioxidant activity of green tea?" (my working title/research question) Anyone else writing in Chemistry? I don't know if mine is too shallow or not... help? Anybody who knows what they're doing? As far as I've seen, not many people are writing EEs in G4 subjects - why is that? Did I make a bad choice?
  12. mymmlan

    Which Chemistry Options do you take?

    I'm doing both of them, though we haven't started studying them yet... I'll tell you when we do!
  13. mymmlan

    IA topic

    I've decided that I want to write a report in social psychology. I want to do a study on group size vs. helping behaviour (something like the bystander effect..), but I don't know how to do it.. Apparently there are a lot of ethical considerations that I need to think of, since informed consent would ruin the point of the experiment. Anyone has any tips? or a better topic?
  14. mymmlan

    Which textbook do you use for Psych?

    Ha! we've got four text books in Psych.. Approaches to Psychology by Glassman Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour by Richard Gross [this one is my favourite] Introduction to Research Methodology in Psychology by what's-his-name Some book by a guy called Banyard... They're all really good, but in different ways... But it sucks carrying four books around!
  15. mymmlan

    Which textbook do you use for Psych?

    do you mean the one written by Glassman?? I don't quite like that one...

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