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  1. Generally, teachers do their lesson from chapters at the beginning, even though it can differ from school. Even though certain chapters are studied, you still need to study them because you won't remember 100% of the content so it takes more time than when the content is not reduced. Not reducing content leaves us less time for revision because you should do workloads that you didn't finish in IBY1 in YBY2. Also, reducing content can bridge the gap between schools that have done the online school and schools that didn't do the online school. My coordinator told me that schools in certain states in the US (he didn't precise which states were), teachers were not allowed to assign work and to do online classes for students. Doing all the content that they did not do and the workload for those students in IBY2 is more overwhelming to them, compared to other students that did the online school. It causes more burden for the students and for the teachers because they are behind schools that have done online classes. There is still time to think about this solution.
  2. I advise you to do English language and literature because it is easier than English Literature. Look at past papers to see whether you are more adapted to English LAL or literature. Paper 1 English A LAL - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/iNAixARb Paper 2 english A LAL - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/yYJwjIJD Paper 1 English A L - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/uYRg2SRD Paper 2 English A L - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/CVIEXS4K I hope this helped you!
  3. Teachers always start by teaching from chapter 1, then move to other chapters because you should gain skills from chapters at start in order to learn other chapters. Chapters at the beginning contain basic skills, therefore if you don't know them, you can't understand other chapters. That is why students would not get disadvantaged from not learning chapters at the end, as you mentioned. In addition, chapters at the end are harder than chapters at the beginning. So students will take more time to revise chapters at the end, as well as coping with other workloads such as IAs, EE, and TOK, if the content is not reduced. It is better to fully understand specific chapters clearly, rather than going too fast and not having time to fully understand everything in the syllabus. In conclusion, that is why I think that this petition can work.
  4. Hi there! You are doing a great job since most of you were in lock down due to COVID-19. I would welcome everyone to sign this petition: https://www.change.org/p/ib-make-the-international-baccalaureate-organization-ibo-to-reduce-content-for-m2021?recruiter=915042427&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=abi_gmail&utm_campaign=address_book&utm_term=280af2aecb4e45b695526ec8026a2982&recruited_by_id=16e6dd50-eae1-11e8-9d35-e3bf6fb89d7b In fact, the aim of this petition is to reduce the content of what class of 2021 students should learn in the IB. Due to online learning which seems to be ineffective for most of the students, this petition helps students to learn more efficiently. Less content means that we can have more time to focus on other work such as our IAs and it also reduces the burden. Have a nice holiday!
  5. For medicine, taking Chemistry HL is REQUIRED. Think about whether you like finance or neuroscience more, then if you are more into science, choose Chemistry HL. For neuroscience most of the universities require chem HL : https://www.manchester.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/courses/2020/00617/bsc-neuroscience/entry-requirements/ I hope this helped you!
  6. I've done this experiment by using a gas syringe to measure the volume in class, so it is mundane.
  7. Okay! I guess that you can do something about gut microbiota. Food affects bacteria in guts and you can look at: "What kind of different diet worldwide can affect our gut microbiota, depending on different biological, geographical, and economic impacts?" This is about the topic Health and Development, and ask your teacher whether you can do this topic while comparing food from one culture to food from another culture.
  8. Hello. Can I know which science and social science you are doing right now?
  9. You can dm me by Instagram - @graciousarah_
  10. What is your independent variable and your dependent variable? Did you decide your topic?
  11. No universities require 3 sciences, but you can take ESS, which is in Group 3 and in Group 4.
  12. Take a look at it: http://www.lse.ac.uk/study-at-lse/Undergraduate/Prospective-Students/How-to-Apply/Entry-Requirements
  13. Hey! Could you please clarify my understanding about the models in math? I am doing something about SIR Model and I am struggling.
  14. Yes it is a good choice because AI focuses on statistics
  15. Hello, I hope you are doing well. I need to do my Math SL IA on SIR model. (Simulation of pandemics) There is a hypothetical and isolated country with 10 million people. Then, there are 10 immigrants who entered this country and 5 of them are infected. R0 is 3, and I am varying the immunity rate. My research question is how does the immunity rate affect the spread of the virus? I am having difficulties in simulating a mathematical function which will simulate the behaviour of this case with SIR model. Could somebody please help me to translate this case mathematically? It would be an honor to receive your help. Yours sincerely
  16. You're welcome! It is true that English is subjective, however if you know how to answer questions, you are able to get a 7 with your teacher or your teacher. Keep telling your teacher constantly that you have motivation and you want to get a good grade, because this can help you for your predicted grades. Here is a video that can help you: For your second question, yes, I take Chemistry HL. Chemistry requires a lot of memorization, especially in organic chemistry and the calculations in acid and bases are hard. Remember that you need more time to study chemistry than English A. People mostly spend less time on studying languages than sciences. I hope this helped you! Yours sincerely
  17. Hello. I would do something about fractals
  18. Hello. I would not recommend to change Chem SL to Chem HL. First, Chemistry HL is one of the hardest HL subjects with Math HL and Physics HL. You got a 50% in Chem SL, which is a high 4, so I don't think that putting Chem HL would be the best idea to maximize your grade. Also, Chem HL has much more material to learn by heart and to study than English A HL. You mentioned that you are not really passionate about chemistry, then it is a bad idea. Second, if I were you, I would stick to English A HL, and find a tutor to really master the books and the techniques that you've studied. For this, you should maybe try to find past papers, write an essay each week and know your mistakes. People around me have 6 or 7 more easily in English A than for Chemistry HL. I hope this helped you! Yours sincerely
  19. HI! Math AI HL tutor - https://www.teacheron.com/ib_math_applications_and_interpretations-tutors DT IA tutor - https://www.universitytutor.com/online_ib-design-technology-hl-tutoring Have a nice day!
  20. sarahaction

    Maths IA

    I am glad that my idea helped you! You're welcome.
  21. sarahaction

    Maths IA

    So did your teacher validate the idea?
  22. It would be better if you showed your data in the IA. Therefore, people can help you interpret your data that you've got during the experiment.
  23. I advise you to do Business Management or Geography because in my case, my IB coordinator disagreed with doing 3 sciences. I know someone who got a 43 and he said that BM is pretty hard, therefore considering taking geography is also a good idea. But try to look at the past papers (it is also good to download them since the past paper websites shut down due to copyrights): Business management Paper 1 2019 May - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/KMIE0QAB Mark scheme of paper 1 2019 May - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/KBJikYJQ Paper 2 2019 May - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/OJAUHaRY Mark scheme paper 2 2019 May - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/OJAUHaRY Geography 2019 May Paper 1 question booklet - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/rFAWmIhS 2019 May Paper 1 mark scheme - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/qcQ02CpS 2019 May Paper 1 resource booklet - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/WRZkGS5S 2019 May Paper 2 question booklet - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/udYAQaiR 2019 May Paper 2 resource booklet - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/iYRkxYCb 2019 May Paper 2 mark scheme - https://mega.nz/folder/uQRCGQDK#yNqCrVf0X-b1KSRMAQSk6g/file/HNAGhSJB Yours sincerely
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