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  1. I agree. They are quite different in their uses, applications and efficiencies which is why I found it strange there was no mention of them.
  2. Good Afternoon/Morning Computer Science Students, Hopefully everyone is enjoying their weekend..... Just a question regarding the pseudocode conventions (Topic 4) surrounding switch-cases. I have had a look at the IB Comp Sci guide and "Approved Notation for Developing Pseudocode" and have not found anything regarding it. Does anyone know if we can use switch-cases in pseudocode? If not, maybe I'll just have to go back to if, else if, else if, else if, else. Oh well. Thank you very much in advance.
  3. 2021, let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😂
  4. In extension to dw0573, note that the CAS project does have to span at least 1 month. This is the only CAS activity which has to be 'lengthy'
  5. On this note, if we do something such as playing guitar and we are unsure how many hours we are going to play, how do we log those hours? Also, what do we put as an end date?
  6. I think correlation is there however, the standard of memorisation techniques being taught is not what I believe should be encouraged.
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