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  1. Einherjer


    I would like to thank Rebekah for the bulletpoints and example. It made writing my rationale straightforward, quick and painless. And actually worked out rather well.
  2. Einherjer


    30000 words and counting. Main character has just been caught after infiltrating a mafia hideout where there accidentally just had been a small war between the russian mafia and a Triad. Then he somehow got into a very interesting game of russian roulette with slightly diffrent rules.
  3. Einherjer

    Genius vs. Hard Work

    Genius is a myth, how well somebody do in any given field is dependent on these variables: Attitude, technique and time. Even the great young prodigies like Mozart and Capablance became as good as they were because of more than 10000 hours of practice. If you feel like you ain't getting as much out of your hours as you should, well rule of thumb is that as long as you are bored you ain't learning anything. So as soon as you feel bored revise your attitude and ask yourself the question: what if? To arouse you curiousity. And use and effing SRS, don't go around learning everything twice, once when you were supposed to and once for the exam, it doesn't work. Most of peoples axam revising is actually relearning forgotten things. Don't whine before you have read and applied atleast a couple of good books on study techniques on how to do well. This one for instance: http://www.201thingstodo.com/uploads/What_Smart_StudentsKnow.pdf
  4. Einherjer

    Your favourite physical feature and mental ability

    Physical: My ability to bend space, time and distort reality to my favour. Commes in handy every now and then. Mental: Some people say they want to learn a language, juggle, go to mars. I Just go ahead and do it. The human persistence and ability to learn is our species best feature.
  5. Einherjer

    What do you do to get motivated?

    Ibquotes and http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com works for me somehow.
  6. Einherjer

    I am so screwed (Ab initio Jap)...

    http://smart.fm/series/3318 Best site for learning words. And ofcourse http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com read thourough it and you will get all the motivation you will need. Good luck.
  7. Try juggling,you will learn how to juggle, have fun and will get's as many hours as you please.
  8. Anybody who has a site with tons of motivational videos? Or perhaps a youtube playlist? Help is needed post every motivational video and soundtrack you come over. I might just maybe do the trick and get us through IB. I'll start:
  9. Einherjer


    Some motivational videos and soundtracks could do the trick. Unfortunatly i don't know about any. (Off to make a new thread searching for them)
  10. Einherjer

    Our Tribute to the IB

    You are officially awesome. How many times did you practice? And you do realise you have made one of Ibs best promotional videos ever
  11. Einherjer

    truth about IB

    IBs a cult in pretty much the same way every other school is a cult
  12. Einherjer

    Music for homework

    Normally i prefer to do my homework without music. But due to noisy siblings i could need some to consentrate. But it can't be music with loads of words and other stuff that makes it hard to consentrate. Any suggestions for homework music?
  13. Einherjer

    Name Your IB School

    Lillestrøm VGS as of next year Feel free to pass a note if there are anybody else starting next year here on the board.
  14. Einherjer


    But most importantly, DON'T PANIC ,written in large, kind letters.
  15. Einherjer

    Language A1 by self-learning ?

    Would a selflearn't course be a seventh course?

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