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  1. cookies340

    Database physics IA

    I'm not sure how your school does it but at my school we got a week to work on our IAs for Math SL and Physics SL. For Physics SL, my experiment was on the correlation between light intensity and 3 polarizers instead of 2. I scored pretty well (7) and I did my experiment at home (since it was simple and required a dark room. I think you definitely can do the experiment at home and my teacher did not object to it since we didn't have much class time to work on our IAs.
  2. Hey! They are out now go check!
  3. It depends on the topic of your IA. If you really need to calculate it by hand to show exactly what you are doing and to demonstrate your knowledge then go ahead. However, using a GDC will not make you seem any dumber as long as you show what you are doing. Sometimes it is not worth wasting your time calculating by hand. Also I want to mention that your IA should cover more than one topic (ex. trigonometry, calculus, statistics) so your IA should not be just calculating by hand (I assume you aren't just going to do that right?). Good luck!!
  4. Honestly, try to enjoy your summer before IB because there will be many things to do for the summers afterwards. I would say the biggest thing that I didn't know when I was going into IB was the coursework and the marking. I didn't know that the IA (internal assessment) is 20% and the exams are 80%. I also didn't know that there were EAs and EEs and TOK. One thing for sure is you should try to fix your sleep schedule asap, sleep as much as you can over the summer and try not to procrastinate when you work. Good luck!!!!
  5. Yes there are definitely topics related to music such as harmonics but be sure to choose a topic that is interesting and not too complicated. Although people say to choose something beyond your level, if you don't understand the topic, it will be difficult to write a good essay (and the person marking your IA will definitely know that you don't understand). As long as your IA covers more than one topic in math, ideally three or more (ex. trigonometry, calculus, statistics, etc.), you show your work and calculations, and follow a rubric, then you should be fine. Start early and you won't regret it later. It may be helpful to look at some good examples and structure yours similarly but don't copy them. Good luck you can do it!!
  6. You would have to research the programs in specific universities but if you choose either of them, you can still take AP courses (which have equivalent university credits) for them. For example, if you take Chemistry for IB then you could take an AP exam for Computer Science and vice versa. Another option would be to take summer school and finish Grade 11 and 12 for that course. I would highly recommend taking your AP exams either in Grade 10 or 11 (but Grade 11 would be a busier year) so study hard and don't miss the chance.
  7. I'm not sure about everyone else but I got what I was predicted and if I am not wrong, the total scaled moderated mark for me was a safe distance from the lower boundary. I do know some people who did get lower than expected but I haven't heard of getting 2 points below. It may be because of your teacher's predicted mark and the IA together. If you ask your teachers, they may allow you to do the November exams for Math SL and see if you can get higher.
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