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  1. Hello all, I am a DP2 student from New Zealand undertaking English A Literature. In second half of last year, all DP1 English students uploaded their final Work in Translation (WIT) essay to the school and received a predicted grade. From what I heard, students are to upload the final copy of their WIT to the IBIS by themselves. I have heard anecdotes of students being able to edit their WIT after the due date set by the school (it's just that teachers will no longer provide feedback). However, our IB coordinator says that our teachers will check to make sure that we upload a copy that's identical to what we handed in to the school, and only minor formatting errors can be fixed. I'm wondering if this is true for all the other IB schools. It's noteworthy that during a information session for DP2 students, our IB coordinator said that we must be careful not to upload the draft version of our WIT, in which case the draft will be marked and we will likely be awarded a lower grade than what we could have gotten with the final. From this, it can be inferred that uploading a different final copy to what we handed to the school should not result in a disqualification, and that the IB will mark whatever we hand in. Does anyone know if the school is able to check exactly what we've uploaded to the IBIS? If not, would it be safe for me to secretly upload a further-edited copy to the IBIS and not get caught by my school? Any reply would be highly appreciated.
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