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  1. Thank you its actually the counter claims that I am struggling to come up with as they are hard to decide what they should be. I have claims that all agree with my idea but none that disagree.
  2. I have re thought and may do "to what extent does sense of perception and language alter our beliefs" and use the promotion of smoking being good for you years ago or drs prescribing medication that you get addicted to? What do you think ? Thanks
  3. Hello can anyone let me know if this would be a suitable question for TOK presentation? "To what extent are doctors responsible for patients becoming dependent on their Prescription medication?" I was thinking emotion, reason and natural sciences for WOK. And using Ant McPartlin as a RLS. Or maybe "to what extent does social media influence the way we exercise?" I think many WOK would apply here. I am so confused by the whole TOK presentation and worrying about so much. Once I get a question I am sure I will be ok, just really appreciate any help. I have no teacher as I am in lock down! Thank you all
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