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  1. Sample Essay Question: Humanistic

    Sample exam essay question in the Humanistic Approach
    Question: Compare and contrast the fundamentals and concepts of Maslow and Rogers with regard to the Humanistic approach to Psychology.
    Grade awarded: 3/7
    The essay can provide an example of how to structure answers, however it lacks detail and argument.
  2. Sample Essay Question: Cognitive

    Sample exam essay question in the cognitive approach.
    Question: 6) a) Use the cognitive perspective to explain one psychology issue of your choice. b) Evaluate the effectiveness of this explanation.
    Grade awarded: 4/7
    This essay provides an example of a psychological issue and attempts to evaluate it.
  3. WL2 A Doll House

    English A1 Higher Level World Literature Essay
    Detailed study: A doll house by Henrik Ibsen
    Grade awarded: 4/7
  4. WL1 Reality

    English A1 Higher Level World Literature Essay
    The Reality of Meursault from Albert Camus’s “The Outsider” and Gregor Samsa from Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”
    Grade awarded: 5/7
  5. Inverse Square Law Lab

    Physics Standard Level Lab Report
    Investigation: Determine the relationship between the count rate and distance using a laboratory gamma radiation source.
    Grade awarded: 5/7
  6. Design Lab: Squash Ball

    Physics Standard Level Design Lab
    Investigation: Demonstrate the relationship between the function of a squash ball and the ball’s temperature.
    Grade awarded: 6/7

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