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  1. Wow! Thank you so much! This was exactly what I was looking for. What's sad is that I've visited the link before but missed the subject reports section.
  2. Hey I'm going into mt first year of IB! I heard that examiners reports are super useful for exam prep so does any one have any links they could share with past reports by examiners about specific exams? Thanks!
  3. Engineering in Canada requires Math HL and a science in either HL or SL. t It's just that physics SL, chem SL and math HL seem like a very tough combo. Also I'm interested in the environment so I think ESS will be an easy pass while I focus my efforts on math and chem. Can I not take a foundational physics course in Uni?
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently a sophomore going into the IB. Since I come from the Canadian education system and will be going into an IB DP school that teaches IGCSE, I'm currently going over some of the IGCSE prerequisites for my IB subjects. Anyway, I wanted to ask if it would be a wise combination to take HL math, chem, English [as I'm confident in my English abilities and have been recommended based on an entrance test], followed by ESS, French, and Business for SL? I know I will need physics for Civil Engineering, and I want to Physics SL but since I'm more familiar with the chemistry curriculum, I'm considering taking a foundational physics course at university to make up for that gap in knowledge. Lastly, do you guys have any better suggestions for other subject combinations I can pursue (excluding math and chem, both of which I must take at hl)? What are some easier subjects I can take so I can be more focused on math and chem? Thanks!
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