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  1. Yes! I recommend "The Hookup Plan" on Netlix. I've only watched a little bit, but I think it's pretty good. The french they speak is parisian and very fast - but the subtitles will help you. Another show I reccomend is "Toute La Vie" on Ici Tou.TV. It is a show based in Montreal, so the the accent is very Quebec - heavy (and extremely fast! Took me a while to get used to). The thing is they moved the show to Ici Tou.TV Extra, where you have to pay to watch the entire series. I actually was following it until they made it not free anymore . I'm pretty sure the IB listening exam is in Parisian french, so I find parisian shows more beneficial. It's great to know another junior as well! Ulfa27
  2. Hey! This is a late response so it might not do much help at this time - but I thought it would be useful to share some tips. I am also a junior, but I'm taking French B SL. I think the best way to improve when the teacher cares moreso about the immersion experience is to take on grammar/vocab learning yourself. I know, it sucks that we have work outside of class to exel in it, but I realised that in order to do my best in speaking/writing etc is to make sure I know the basics. Try to find resources online that could teach you vocab - and I'm not saying doulingo. Find resources online that can teach your verb tenses and other gramatical rules. I find Lawless French to be a useful resource. Also, immerse yourself in french culture. What I found helped me improve my oral skills A LOT is watching a french series, but with subtitles - in french. Watching a show with french subtitles helps you recognize the way french words are spoken with common and quick accents, which could help you with listening practice in class, but also with speaking, as you are more confident to answer questions and guide discussions since it is easier to understand what other people are saying. Another tip is to download a french news app. It depends on where you live as to wether local french news is available, but just commiting yourself to a french news channel/website/app can help your reading skills tremendously. Keep up with it and read at least one article a day, search up vocab you don't know, pick up new expressions. Another tip is to speak in french when asking your teacher questions - if you don't do so already. It could be a bit nerve racking, but your teacher understands you are learning and your confidence will improve. Also, ask you teacher about grammar questions when you have them. That could help and shows the teacher that you want to get better at grammar. Commitment is most important. Learning a language requires work outside the classroom, so be committed to putting in the work. I hope this helps. Good luck!
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