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  1. Yayy!! it's good that you have a university counsellor, they can be really helpful. Also don't worry if you don't like the choice that you took, usually you're allowed to change within the first few weeks if you realize that subject isn't for you. For my school we were allowed to change our subject within the 1st term of school and them we were set. Good Luck!
  2. Hey! I personally would go with philosophy just because I think drama is highly dependant on your teacher (who doesn't sound that great) whereas philosophy can be learnt through online resources. However, with that being said, if you TRULY enjoy performing and want to learn it in greater depth then opt for that. I don't do philosophy but I do psychology and as you mentioned, you will be doing a lot of writing in your subjects but there may be overlap in topics so you can relate both subjects to each other and it could be easier to learn.
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