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  1. jess1012

    Tips on Extended Essay

    Hello. I'm starting to write my psychology extended essay. My topic is basically about why people conform in the society. I had several questions before I started. Does the essay have to be very very very formal? (i wanted to start my intro with a old tale(which is very commonly known) I looked up some info on the internet, and the suggestions seemed told me to write about why the research question is significant and my game plan for the rest of the essay. Should I just skip the story? Also...Do you guys know any website that is helpful? I am very nervous about how to start this. Please Help thanks
  2. jess1012

    Can we use personal pronouns?

    Can you use personal pronouns on the math IA? Also how do you writ a good introduction for the math IA?
  3. jess1012

    TOK presentation

    My possible TOK presentation topics are standards on beauty(maybe how it depend on culture)or... How has the media and modern culture change the way young girls in our current society view their self image? Which on is better? Some of the real life examples that I thought about are plastic surgeries, child beauty pagents, barbies and eating disorders. I am so confused on how to set my presentation. I searched some video on youtube & there are plenty of videos on child beauty pagents. I have no idea what to do for the presentation. Please help!

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