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  1. How much IB grades should I achieve to be considered as a competitive applicant in any Canadian universities, such as UBC, university of Toronto, university of Waterloo. By the way, I'm planning to study engineering.
  2. Hi! Thank you for the reply. We are required to take Bahasa Indonesia A (at least SL) as it is our mother tongue and I need to take English A (at least SL) to satisfy the university's requirements (I heard that some good universities in Canada, such as UBC, Waterloo, and Toronto, required their applicants at least English A SL).
  3. Thank you for the input! I hope I'm doing fine with these subjects
  4. Hi! I'm currently a 10th grader and I'm going to start IB next month. I'm planning to study engineering in either Canada or Australia. Here is my subject selections: Chemistry HL Physics HL Math Analysis & Approaches HL English A Language & Literature SL Bahasa Indonesia A SL Business & Management SL Am I going to do fine with the HL combination of Math AA HL, Physics HL, and Chemistry HL? Because I heard this combination is really hard. Am I going to be considered as a stronger applicant with this combination of HLs? Any inputs would be kindly appreciated (Sorry if there is any mistake in grammar)
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