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  1. In my EE in history, Im going to compare Weimar Republic and Second Spanish Republic. Im kind of confused about how a comparative EE should actually look like. Is it enough to show the similarites and differences and then conclude to what extent they are similar/differentr? Or do I need to come with some more sophisticated conclusion? Thanks!
  2. I would like to compare Second Spanish Republic and Weimar Republic in my EE. Ill probably choose some aspect of the two periods and compare that. Do you think this is a good topic? How could I make it better? (what aspect could I concentrate on?) Thanks!
  3. I’m planning to do my EE on Spanish Civil War, and I’m trying to narrow down the field and possibly find a RQ. Does anyone have an idea of a topic related to this period that might be suitable for EE? I’m particularly interested in the Spanish anarchist/syndicalist movement and its role in the events... Thanks in advance!

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