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  1. A list of key definitions for section 1 and 2 of the syllabus.
  2. Valentyn

    Taking the IB in September...

    Dear Elli, Do A-levels, have social life, learn things you really like, get into a good university without too much work, be happy. really, dont do the IB.
  3. Valentyn

    University Acceptances

    Hey guys. I got my management Okanagan UBC acceptance (unconditional) with a scolarship and the website for Toronto is saying I had been admitted, just Fed ex taking too long to get the letter to me. I am still waiting for UBC Vancouver reply. Also got into McMaster (30 points), and was rejected from Shulich business school of York )) hahaha. they are the worst ones of my 4 canadian ones. I have turned down their alternative course offers, all 3 of those. " got conditionally accepted into SFSU " WOW arent all US university offers unconditional??
  4. Valentyn

    Economics definitions

    dunno, try googling thats all I could find for that.
  5. Valentyn

    Math revision

    Hey guys I found this excellent site with loads of sample problems for math SL and HL. and notes. Most importantly, it has examples of non-calculator papers and papers are designed specially for given time. Check out: www.ibmaths.com Here are samples of his great tests: **LINKS REMOVED**
  6. Valentyn

    Economics definitions

    hey guys here is an excellent pdf file with al the definitions you will ever need. broken down by topics and levels. enjoy Glossary_of_IB_Economics_terms.pdf
  7. Valentyn

    UCAS offer question

    So Say ive got two offers: uni A asks 30 IB points and uni B asks 29. If I set A as firm (logical) and B asinsyrance, and then get 45 points in the end, will I still be able to say: no, I actually wanna go to uni B and decline A's offer? *Without reaplying or clearing?? And will I have to pay a fine if in the end i decide to go a uni in another
  8. Valentyn

    Pre-uni math

    hey everyone I am going to study Management in the Uk, I am currently doing math SL. Can someone please suggest me which topics I should go deeper into prior to going to the university, so it would help me in my study? thanks. answers by current management students will be greatly appreciated. One other thing: City is offering a pre-course math revision week, do ou guys think it would be helpful?
  9. Valentyn

    EE topics for English

    English A2 EE- How can language be used for persuasive purposes in advertising? Thats my EE topic... I really enjoyed writing it...
  10. "If anyone is discovered with sharing exams, he can't get his diploma, nor can he get one in three years. This is the reason why many sites go down, the admins get scared." Is this true? or would this be just an in-school thing...?
  11. Valentyn

    Asking for too much?

    Over the last cycle I had been studying entry requirments for different places. I found a couple of universities which, in my opinion, are simply asking for too much. For example: Bath: Business administration - 38 typical offer Notts: Economics - 38 typical offer Dont you guys think these places should really settle down in terms of their requirments? Are there any more places like this in areas, other than business or economics? It would be interesting to hear what you all have to say
  12. Valentyn

    University Acceptances

    Off couse they do look at the IB grades! If they wouldnt, then there wouldnt be a point in setting up all these IB schools in the US. It is just the nature of their offer is diffrent from the British unis, if you get an offer from the US, it is basically Unconditional
  13. Valentyn

    How many Unis did you apply to?

    My application was done for 19 institutions, 5 in the UK, 10 in the US and 4 in Canada. What about you guys?
  14. Valentyn

    University Acceptances

    Just got an Aston conditional for 34 point (there are some additional requirments) still waiting for the other 4 in the UK. I have allso applied to 10 US and 4 Canadian universities
  15. Valentyn

    "Soft subjects"

    It is. trust me, I got this information from my IB coordinator. There are a whole bunch of subjects in the humanities section: you can take sociology, phycology etc. Design technology is another soft one, social and cultural antropology, information technology, ecosystems and society; not sured of computer science tho. IB does offer LOADS of useless subjects. it's just the matter of our schools that do not allow us taking them... Actualy this post was aimed at people who are just making up their subject choices. Sometimes it seems very easy to get a good grade in a very easy subject, but than it seems so pointless as the grade doesnt really get you anywhere... I am again unsure about the ab initios...

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