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  1. I'd really like to see where you've gotten that information from! Besides that I think I'm going to do what Sandwich said: be with friends, do some more exercise in the gym - or wait would it work?? Well, jog then! - bake in a very primative way and yess, read lots of books, I love reading but have no time for it due to the time I spend playing pc games xP I'm have more or less lived my life without that much technology so I would not struggle being without it. Maybe it would be a slight relief even (: I went to the NASA's site myself and found the information! Here is a bit: - I read some more, it can be precluded by shutting down stuff before the geomagnetic storm hits or w.e o.Ø
  2. Wowowow, I got a 9! That's so much lower than what I expected seeing as I paniced when answering some of the questions thinking "Omg, am gonna get an autistic score!" I think the only thing that would pull me to an autistic level is the fact I tend to be super shy at times =.0
  3. IA

    Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't seen this topic for like AGES. I'm amazed how it turned out to be so many pages! Anyways, the technology I used was: GeoGrebra - you download this from the internet. It's super good to use once you get to know the programme, I suggest following a few tutorials on YouTube and Google to get to know it. In the end when you set up the K, L, M graph you will have sliders you can slide and make it match with the original points and get some values of them. Microsoft Excel - this is very good if you know how to use it, and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to explain how I used it / set it up to make it work out for me. Graphic Display Calculator - a good help to estimate if the values you found by yourself are, I dunno, realistic. I wish you all the best of (luck) work spirit and some good grades!
  4. IA

    Thank you all so much for helping! This confirmed what I've written about now - brieftly nonetheless! o; Firstly, you better start right now! Been working on this for 2 weeks now, and I'm soon finished.. Just a few more days.. Oh, wait mine is due to tomorrow. Ups, gotta do an allnighter =P Secondly, I would say it is possible for the X(!) value to go below zero. For instance if you choose the x-axis to be from year 0 to year 2000. There were living people in China BC I've used 2 programs which were both great, easy and applicable. Not sure though, if I'm allowed to recommend them, so I'll wait (: Edit (because of sweetnsimple786's answer below): I used Geogebra MS Excel GDC - regression (won't score many points on technology but will help giving ideas of L,K,M values) --- More about these in post 55 and from me on page 4.
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, After snooping around in the Economics section of this board and using the search tool, I couldn't seem to find any links to internet sites, where you can read economics articles and possibly find one that suits a prospective commentary. So I came up with this idea that we can link websites that normally have relatively good articles to each other, so people can read them on a daily basis and eventually find some articles for their furture commentaries. I don't know if this will work out, but it's worth giving a try. Google News is a great source! It is updated like every 5th minutes and in the search box you can for instance search wine demand/pork demand/tobacco tax and everything relevant of today will pop up! is fine too. Either go into the business section and look around or use the search option. Mostly bbc has news regarding oil, but sometimes other interesting things such as cars. ... And I'm out of sites! I hope some can contribute to this At last but not least: Happy article hunting!
  6. I was going to Spain for an exchange year. Since I already knew English I decided to start on an international school, which had IB. When the year passed and I went back to Denmark I had the choice between either entering the Danish system (which I wasn't too keen on, as I have bad experiences with the Danish mentallity and teaching ;p) or IB. So I looked for IB schools in Denmark and got accepted! =D Right now I have a heavy load of Internal Assessments hanging over me, but I do not regret entering IB at all. All the people, all my friends... IB is wonderful (: Sadly the year above me leaves now ):
  7. IA

    Hey all, A week ago I was given a Maths Portfolio to do, called "Population Trends in China". (It's attached) I know how to generally solve and do the portfolio, however, I am stuck on one of the very first questions! Define all relevant variables and parameters clearly. I have no idea about what a parameter is. Now I have been looking up several definitions, asking friends, and I've found no answers that I really understood and could link to the first set of data provided. ): The closest easy-to-understand definition I've found is: "These parameters include population size, birth and death rates, and the population growth rate." ( - So that is what a parameter is concerning populations? Other definitions mention that it is a constant, but birth- and death rates usually aren't? I sincerely hope somebody can help me a bit on the right track (and that I haven't broken any of the forum rules!). !EDIT Feb 2011!: Please STOP private messaging me about how I did my IA! Scroll down and through the thread and you'll see LOTS of tips and good hints as to how to deal with this IA. The whole thread is drowning in good help! (: Maths_SL_China_Population.pdf