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  1. Amalimrock

    Skin lightening and tanning

    Even for the Chinese/Asians (but unsure about Indians/Philipinos etc), whiter skin colour is a desirable trait. Lots of K-pop artists are really white, and they're pretty notorious with plastic surgery as well. So it could be an esteem problem for some people who choose to lighten their skin colour for the sake of looking more desirable, and the same goes for tanning for Westerners. Yes, skin lightining/tanning should still be acceptable because it is not harming anyone. I sometimes wish for a paler skin, but I'm still happy with my light tan.
  2. Amalimrock

    How to survive IB

    Hey guys, check out this article at helium.com http://www.helium.com/items/2162150-how-to-survive-ib it could be vital for those of you who are thinking of doing the IB course - prepare your weapons before the battle. Hope it helped!
  3. Amalimrock


    omg this is also my presentation topic too! You know what? You should research how people start making theories about humour and then associate it with a WoK or AoK (eg: mine had the Benign Violation Theory and it had emotions when Violation acts as a trigger for it) It is also important to relate the topic to a Wok/Aok early in the presentation. I also need help with mine if there are any others reading this topic. My script: introduction: humour in real life is meant to induce laughter - subjective. Emotions play a role. WOK in humour are emotions as our reactions to humour are similar to emotional reactions - humour is a trigger for an emotional response. Language & sense perception = vehicle for stimulus. Reason - not much, as it isn't funny after explaining and thinking about how a joke is funny. KI1: What criterias do we use when judging something as humourous? expectations - surprise or amusement as emotional reactions. when it makes sense, eg: in puns, you must know the other meaning to get the joke cultural paradigms: foreigners may not get a local's joke familiarity - that depends on an individual's paradigms/culture/society Benign Violation theory - violation is a trigger to negative emotions, but when it is benign it is funny. KI2: How do we know emotions play a role in humour? Violation - as mentioned in the benign violation theory, is a trigger to emotions. Subjective to how much one can handle the violation Very direct, not in factual language "like it or hate it" Operant conditioning (under human sciences) - cultural/social pressures for a person to laugh at a joke? Laughter is a form of behaviour, it could be contagious, or an empty laugh - no emotions. Hard to tell about another's emotions unless you are the person themselves. Conclusion: we can tie emotions as a way of knowing into the criteria that makes humour funny, the criteria may change over time, there could be more criteria because humour is dynamic. I think my weakest points have to do with the theory and operant conditioning, because I'm not sure what other points I can add into it. Can anyone see if it can score well with the ToK criteria? I'm posting here because my teacher replies late to my emails so I want to get real quick replies.
  4. So I've gotten my first draft back, and my teacher gave comments (the harder part for me is that we had to switch teachers, my previous one left) and so her comments, while it was written clearly, still baffled me, as if I can't pin point which part of my essay has the real flaw in it. So I'll be needing help on making it better, and if anyone has the time to read my draft and comment on it is also welcome: She says that I should get a better understanding of the spiritual ideas of the novel Siddhartha, and comment on the style of writing (I don't know how and where to insert it into my WL) and then I need to mention the Gree gods at the beginning of commenting on Oedipus Rex instead of after it. I also don't know where to look for the historical context and how to relate it to the novels. Help please
  5. Amalimrock

    Chosen subject for EE

    By right you are supposed to have freedom in choosing your EEs. Try talking with your coordinators to sort things out. You're right, EEs are meant to help you with uni applications, and if it's something you're not good at, the university wouldn't acknowledge that you didn't have freedom in choosing your EE.
  6. Amalimrock

    Interview the person below you

    Oh my, so many choices, but I think telekinesis would be one. Makes life a lot easier coz you can move things around without lifting a finger Did IB change your personality or the way you view the world and how?
  7. Amalimrock

    Best/Worst Modern "Literature" Ever...

    Do you define Roald Dahl as modern? If so I'd say I like his works (can't help growing up with his books y'kno!) I agree that Twilight is the worst series, and I haven't read Eragon. Probably don't want to read it either *compares its thickness with Twilight and then runs* But if you study more than one language, you're gonna say that Malay books are probably the worst literature you've ever seen. Well, apart from a few really good poems from A. Samad Said, the rest of the books that the government forced us to read (yeah, I took the Malaysian system before I took IB) a lot of contemporary Malaysian literature and I think it's crap! The themes are too generic, it's always about a certain historical war that has happened but then adapted it to make it a happy ending, or it's always about perseverance in life. It ALWAYS seem to revolve around these two themes. I haven't bothered to dig deeper into reading but I'm pretty sure a few subterranean ones should be good.
  8. Amalimrock

    Art EE -- Manga History

    Update: I'm trying to think of what kind of questions to interview artists who has manga in their contemporary fine art pieces. Does anyone have any ideas? ( should ask stuff mainly about the manga influence on contemporary fine art)
  9. Amalimrock

    Art EE -- Manga History

    Thanks for the reply. Basically my essay is going to be how manga art affected contemporary fine art especially artists like Hush and Anthony Micallef. 1. I would first talk about its history and during the 16th century it was shipped into the western world and affected that time's contemporary art (ie: Impressionists/Post-Impressionists) 2. Then I would give biographies on Hush and/or Anthony Micallef and from their "cross breeding" of cultures allowed their fine art to have elements of manga in it. Is biographies really important to argue that manga did affect their art style? Or should I just do something like - "this artwork" from Hush had elements of manga in it because of its distinctive use of lines to define the female human body. He also used the generic manga eyes and typical manga girl hairstyle which further proves that manga was one of his primary influences. I'm currently contemplating about maybe doing digital artists instead. Maybe someone really famous in deviantArt? But I'll discuss with my supervisor first and then we'll see where this goes. Again, thank you for the replies!
  10. Amalimrock

    Art EE -- Manga History

    I was literally screaming in circles when I realized that my more "easy" option could lead me to failing my EE, so it's back to the drawing board for me. The first plan I had - also my better plan - was going to be about manga history and how it affected contemporary artists. However, as far as I've researched, the history of manga is very...blur. First they say it started with Japanese Woodblock printing and it became popular to mass production and even Van Gogh was influenced by it. But after that it just seemed to "jump" directly into manga as we define it today (Astro Boy, Bleach, DNAngel, Pokemon, Sailor Moon etc...) so I don't know how to look for the "in between" ages of manga ie: before WW1. Also I find it hard to get a decent biography on contemporary artists like Hush and Anthony Micallef (other than Wiki which doesn't help much) My advisor wanted me to do an interview but I am so scared to contact them for some reason. I don't even know what questions to ask them and I am unsure if these artists would reply in time before the deadline (4 months away and counting) Help me!
  11. Service is the hardest for me at the moment, because I wound up with one volunteer work that involved just sitting in your computer typing out a damned book to be converted to braille, and half the time the books aren't even interesting! (completing one book = 5 points, and it's done within your own time) That is until I find my own service outside of school or join ANOTHER service. I'm currently really occupied with guitar, art, tap dance (counted as both Creativity and Action) and then this year there's gonna be MORE creativity points for me O_O creative writing, drama and the like.
  12. Amalimrock

    November 2010 IB results thread

    That sounds suspiciously like ACS international Congrats to everyone here! I still have 11 months to go O_O lol actually its acs independent. hey i have 11 more months too! yeah I heard from Mr. Tim (he was an Economics teacher in ACSI.. do you know him? ) this morning that 28 students from ACS Independent got IB45. he was very impressed Ray was here too btw if you know him and he promised to treat Mr. Tim til the end of the week @Amalimrock ACS Independent and ACS International are different. but we are all in the ACS Family I am from ACS Jakarta btw Lol I always get mixed up between ACS I and ACS international ACS international is the newer one right? At least I'm glad my school (SJII) finally has one 45 pointer.
  13. Amalimrock

    Flash animation?

    Yes you CAN use Photoshop to create Computer Graphics for visual Art. My teacher did say that Animation can be used but then I'm not sure how that would be displayed by the end of the 2 years when the examiner come in to interview you and see your studio pieces. Perhaps the laptop and the animation in full screen? I don't know but good luck though!
  14. Amalimrock

    November 2010 IB results thread

    That sounds suspiciously like ACS international Congrats to everyone here! I still have 11 months to go O_O
  15. Amalimrock

    What is your type of boy/girl?

    I used to have a list, but since I've seen the world with more mature eyes I have basically cut it down, because you can't demand for a knight in shining armour. You have to feel it in order to know that he's the knight you've been waiting for 1. Looks cute (I am not going to define this further) and taller than me. 2. Creative, musically or artistically. I don't mind either. 3. Can and definitely will put up with my insanity too. THATS ALL FOLKS!

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