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  1. No they get sent directly to the examiners who I believe send them to the head examiner who sends it to IB Cardiff.
  2. Quick question for the exam tomorrow: Of course the examiners will know a good deal about the books, but they probably wouldn't know every single line. Out quotes don't have to 100% accurate do they?
  3. I'm just about to start my revision and just wanted someone to confirm that ONLY 3 SECTIONS ARE NEEDED. My Econ teacher is not really a teacher and is therefore pretty useless...
  4. 57 downloads

    ToK Examiner Report from the May 2010 / Nov 2009 essay questions. TOK grade boundaries, statistical summary and KI samples for each prescribed title.
  5. How was the length of the cuboid greater than 72? the zeroes of the graph can only by -36 and +36 for all the heights. I just plugged in values for y to find x. i.e. y=2.5, 5, 7.5 etc. until the maximum height is reached. Then you just have to multiply 2x*150 for each floor where x is in terms of y. So ultimately I had to calculate the floor area for each floor for each height in excel, then add them up.
  6. Lol it's almost fun doing this in excel. THe tough part is just coming up with a formula, then once you do is just copy paste for the rest of the results. To do integration, you have to do integrate f(x) by hand and then input the equation with the upper limit (i.e. +36) into the spread sheet. Keep a column for your constant K and height H so it's easy to refer back. Then input the equation with the lower limit into a seperate column and finally subtract them both together and multiply by 150 to have the total volume of structure. Just making sure, the volume of the cuboid for bullet 2 is 149,616?
  7. How many examples do we have to give? For point 3 and point 5, do we do all the heights from 36-54? And de we have to deal with the same set of heights each time?
  8. I think it's better to leave it in exact value. I rounded off to 3 sig figs for the ratio though. Yeah I did that too, I just left the constant at 2 decimal points.
  9. 97 downloads

    Syllabus for the IB Music course for first examinations in 2011.
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