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  1. appleme

    HL Maths P3 ~all options (MAY09)

    Stats was a killer
  2. appleme

    How to do well in English?

    Well, for the world lit: Do not take this as just another essay. It is 20 percent of your grade, so make sure you read and redraft and redraft... a lot of people lose marks in my school because they dont take it as seriously as they should for the oral presentation: make sure your teacher likes you jk, but seriously, the same as the world lit applies: don't just treat this as a nother random class project, you could really pick up marks here so prepare properly! and look at the criteria! for Paper 1: This is primarily skill based, but what helps is to read other people's commentaries - just ask any 7/6s in your class - and stock up on impressive phrases that can be reused easily such as 'An atmosphere of *** is induced in' /'This further reinforces the point outlined earlier'/ 'It is evident that'... improving the level of interpretation you are capable of is very hard, but improving your structure could be an easier way of picking up a few marks - practice this and writing in a persuasive tone if you have the time rather than in your interpreting ability for Paper 2: Memorise, memorise, and know two books inside-out (do the third one as a backup if you have time) - "knowledge of works" is the easiest criterion to pick up marks on for someone that isnt naturally good at interpretation/ mastery of english writing etc. Also learn a few fancy sentences about the book in general like above And lastly, little known tip: about 20 percent of this exam is marked on the appreciation of literary features... sooo as part of the quotes make sure you have a few similes/ metaphors etc - you could really pick up significant marks with some preparation in this area And just Overall: PRACTICE
  3. appleme

    Ideas for a senior prank?

    This would take a lot of guts... but its awesome if you pull it off: (Ive seen it done) You need about 20 students and portable speakers. Get together a danceable playlist/cd with mainly pop music and on your last day of school go around classes, start the speakers and get your fellow classmates to really dance... you can get really extreme and start pushing files and things off desks and dancing on them - it turns out quite cool when done properly, but if half of you start chickening out or whatever it really stinks
  4. appleme

    [MATH HL] Continuous probability question

    Thank you both so much!
  5. appleme

    Exam: which applications allowed?

    Look at the "List of approved Flash (ROM) applications" in the following document... some applications are allowed x Conditions of Use of GDC in Examination Edit: oops it didn't attach the way I wanted it to - go to the math forum and it's posted under "notes and data booklets" if you want to have a look though And for your earlier question on what to do - just reset your calculator for the exam - this should delete all RAM (which doesnt include apps so you're ok) For a TI-84/83 go to 2nd, Mem and then RESET
  6. appleme

    Exam: which applications allowed?

    You're allowed Polysmlt and Ctlghelp from what i remember
  7. appleme

    Physics Options

    I'm doing option F ... purely because it has the fewest formula
  8. This is from May 2008 paper 1: The random variable T has the probability density function f (t) = pi/4 (cos(pi*t/2)), -1 < t < 1 Find (a) P(T = 0) The answer is zero on the markscheme - the working shows that they've integrated with the limits 0 and 0 to get this... but why? Would you get zero if the question was P(T = 1) ? Is it only because you're trying to find a very specific value/pdf in a cdf function that the probability of getting that very specific number is near to nothing/zero?? Any help would be appreciated!
  9. appleme

    Math HL 08 v. 09 ?

    What about the data booklet? Any changes in the booklet for the last few years?
  10. appleme

    Math HL 08 v. 09 ?

    Have there been any changes for this years syllabus? I only have a syllabus for first examinations in 2008 - is that ok?
  11. appleme

    Physics Options

    I have to self-study Physics SL options - which ones would you recommend and why? I'm not especially interested in a particular one, I just want the one with the easiest questions on the exam... (not necessarily the ones easiest to study)
  12. appleme

    Art :D

    Try 'The Kiss' by Klimt - decorative, patterns, drama its all there and 'hanging heart' by jeff koons
  13. No it doesn't require fluency... and just knowing the markscheme for the oral and essay tasks really helps more than being absolutely fluent
  14. appleme

    Visual Arts syllabus 2009

    Quite a bit has changed actually Roberto - They now mark it with different mark bands and its 60%/40% for the Internal assessment and external assessment instead of 70%/30%

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