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  1. shotaway

    History: New syllabus - first examinations May 2010

    The Islamic History course at the moment is divided into different topics, for the core part and HL Options. You pick and choose a certain number from the list. Therefore, it's perfectly doable in two years. It also goes a lot more in-depth than "pre Islamic = ignorance" and etc...the course is quite comprehensive and contains a lot of material. That said, the freedom to choose two core topics, a prescribed topic and options makes it quite simple and there isn't all that much to cover, probably less than the Modern History course. Islamic history doesn't teach you everything about the discipline, just as Modern History doesn't teach you everything about modern history.
  2. [quote name='talktome' post='27342' date='Oct 28 2008, 08:37 PM']Where can I get the Syllabus for Math studies 2009-2010 btw...[/quote] The Math Studies syllabus has not changed for 2009-2010, it is still the same one implemented in 2006. Get it from your Math Studies teacher or IB coordinator.
  3. shotaway

    Psychology vs Psychiatry (medical course)

    [quote name='ibscrewd' post='25032' date='Sep 22 2008, 08:37 PM']- take a bachelor of arts or science and major in psychology [need a score of around 35] [b]- take a 4 year uni degree called 'psychology' [need a score of around 40][/b] - take medicine (or if you're considering melbourne uni: biomedicine then medicine) for 5 or 6 years and then specialise in psychiatry. [usually 40+][/quote] Maybe I just don't know the particular course you're talking about that needs a 40? I have friends applying for Psychology and my sister also studied it, and I've never heard of it ever needing a 40. Especially considering how the score converts, it's always hovered at around 30+ points, but I've never heard of an Australian university asking for a 40+ to study Psychology. Unfathomable, really. So I'm hoping that you can enlighten me, that's quite interesting.
  4. shotaway

    Commentary help

    [quote name='Esmeraldaa' post='25101' date='Sep 23 2008, 10:26 AM']I have a commentary tomorrow on a passage in 'The Poisonwood Bible' and I'm really terrible at writing them. If anyone could post up a sample commentary or give me pointers and perhaps a layout I should follow when writing mine, I would be forever grateful![/quote] Also, if you've just started the IB, then learning how to write commentaries is going to be pretty much a gradual and self-driven process. Your teacher should give you an introduction on how to start, examples and help you out with specific passages, but it takes time and lots of practice. Don't expect your first batch of commentaries to be great, they won't be. They're for you to learn from. Eventually, if you put in enough time and practice, you should have a "feel" on how to start a commentary, even when you're given a poem or prose piece you've never ever seen. Your approach will differ from passage to passage. I find it helpful to: 1. Read the passage a few times, to understand and look at any supporting material/context. 2. Write a short synopsis 3. Annotate and plan 4. Write the commentary, starting with an intro, a paragraph for synopsis, then moving onto the features identified based on importance...then conclusion. Everyone has their own approach. It's scary, I wrote my first commentary on a short story without basically any help from my teacher. Just listen to what your teacher says, do your best and learn from it. Don't say that you're terrible, I highly doubt that you've had much experience...you can only really ever say that perhaps the day after your Paper 1 exam! Good luck, and don't get scared/bogged down. It gets so much easier and instinctive as you go.
  5. shotaway

    Is it WISE to choose all 3 sciences?!

    If you're going to Vet School in Australia, you don't need 3. I don't know about New Zealand. Generally the most importance is placed on your prerequisite subjects, that's where unis look first. So think closely about it--you may not need Physics, for example. And you really have to come to an informed decision--this is half of your diploma. Check out the syllabi, talk to past students.
  6. shotaway

    Am I making the biggest mistake of my life?

    That gave me my first genuine of the day. OP: go for it. I have friends who can't spell & who also can't put a coherent sentence together, yet they're in the IB. You sound awesome and all of these reasons you've given should spur you on more. Think of Michael Phelps--he has an underbite, an unfortunate face, ADD and yet he also has 14 gold medals! I really think you should just give it your best shot. It's not going to be easy, but it doesn't have to be hard. Do your best--just go for it! I'd pump my fist in the air, but this is the Internet and you won't see it. *pumps* Don't worry about what-ifs...just do what you really, deep down think is best. And don't let anyone tell you what to do!
  7. shotaway

    Which Biology Options do you take?

    I've done Neurobiology & Behaviour with my class (very interesting but long), and we have one more Option to go. Our teacher is expecting us to cover FHP on our own, but I have had enough of physiology-related things throughout the whole HL course. Does anyone know of a good option (besides FHP) that I can self-teach?
  8. I think that's a bit OT, but November is the next session. And after that, May, and after that November... There's an endless chain of retaking opportunities every year. You would probably only want to do it once or twice, though. And congratulations to snowday! That is amazing, how did you do it?
  9. shotaway


    If you're good with cells, respiration, etc, maybe think about C. It also involves studying about proteins, DNA too, I think. You'll delve into the DNA stuff at around the Genetics topic and in the one about Cells. But if you're doing SL...you honestly can do a lot of it by yourself and not be disadvantaged. If you've ever seen past papers, they're pretty easy with a bit of study and memorisation. Biology at SL level is the best subject for non-science-y people and people who want an easy 6/7. HL is a bit different...
  10. shotaway

    What is Math HL like?

    Judging by your grades and positive attitude to Maths, I think you probably need to take it as it comes and not freak yourself out about it before you've started. It will take lots of time and effort, but that goes for everything else. So take a deep breath and get your hands on some good textbooks. Also, if you find a lot of trouble with it and want to drop down (this is a big, big IF, you don't even have to think about that now), Maths SL is about half of the HL syllabus. Just don't stress and do your best.
  11. shotaway


    Paper 1--multiple choice questions from the core (SL material) Paper 2--extended response & short answer from the core (SL material) Paper 3--questions on the two options selected. This is for SL. Get yourself a syllabus for Biology to make it clearer, or you can look at previous years', which have changed. But it's all relatively simple.
  12. shotaway

    soo how did u get chosen for Ib

    It depends on the school...for mine, you had to fill in a subject selection form and then your coordinator/others would look at your subject scores for the year preceding IB and judge whether you would be capable or not. My average was somewhere in the 80s in the beginning and higher after that, but people were interviewed if their scores were not high enough, and everyone had to be interviewed regarding their subject selections. All in all, it was a pretty easy process, and it depends on the school. Good luck!
  13. shotaway

    Who wrote "This is Sparta" on their IB exams?

    There was this whole thread on the A-level board on TSR devoted to people who were going to draw cupcakes on particular exams. I'd be too scared to do so in an IB exam...time spent drawing pictures could be used to re-check answers! That said, some of my friends and I used to draw this cute boat scene on the covers of some of our exams in Year 10. They meant nothing so it was a bit of a laugh.
  14. shotaway

    Can I pass HL Biology?

    One good thing about Biology is that a lot of it is memorisation. So I suggest that, in your own time, get a small book, the syllabus points and make notes for each point. Amass a good set of textbooks for this--Campbell is good, the Study Guide gives you a quick summary (but is not everything) and a few others. I'm lucky that I have a good, experienced teacher. Anyway, it will be boring, it will take a lot of time, but you will thank yourself. Before a test, memorise/learn the syllabus points and do as many past paper questions as you can. Read the markschemes and figure out what they want. That has gotten me good marks. It is inevitable that your questions will be from past papers and readily available resources (such as the Weem book). I know that is a very simplified suggestion, but it helps. Also, pay a lot of attention to your internals and don't fall asleep in class. And don't let yourself fall behind. HL/SL Genetics pops up predominantly in past papers, so that's a topic to watch out for. And have a positive outlook! Biology is one of the easiest sciences you can take.
  15. shotaway

    History: New syllabus - first examinations May 2010

    The Islamic History course, at present, does not cover anything to do with Israel, or even of the state of Palestine. Most countries are referenced by their previous names, as the syllabus covers Islamic History long before it could seep into Modern History, where I presume studies of post WW11 issues would take place, such as that of Israel, etc. And fyi, the "Muslim view of Arabic history" is not that the state of Israel does not exist. There may be some people out there who say so, but the general consensus is that the Israelis and the Palestinians are both entitled to land. I personally think the hard lines taken by both sides are unnecessary. So please, before you say anything about the Muslim view of Arabic history, read up about it, and talk to some people. Look at a syllabus before you post something like that. The Islamic History course is, in my opinion, very balanced. We are exposed to work by not only Muslims, but Orientalists and many many many other types of people. Being too one-sided in your essays and exam papers will not get you very far. The course is taught in the viewpoint of a historian, not a theologian. I doubt there is anywhere in any history course run by the IB with room for religious viewpoints to intrude, including both the Modern History and the Islamic History courses. I think it would be good for the IB to incorporate some aspects of the Islamic History course, and that some people are taking that 'OMG WTF IS ISLAMIC HISTORY O NOES!11' thing a bit too far. Reading the course guide, I'm not sure if they've done in the best way...but I highly doubt that the IB would expect you to do both the current Modern History AND Islamic History together, all two subjects packaged together with no choice whatsoever. That would be stupid. However, I think it would be good for people to learn about both Islamic History. It would be a worthwhile exercise for many people, especially those with no knowledge about Islam. And then again, the History courses are not religious courses. If I had the choice in my school, I would have taken Modern over Islamic History, but I think it's good that the IB are letting people take options of both, rather than just shunning one for the other. And I doubt that Islamic History is a very economically viable subject for the IB anymore, like the A2 system. My school is one of very few who request it for the November session. All in all, I think that a proper synergy of the two would be beneficial for many. And Islamic History is, contrary to a lot of views I've read in this topic, not this big scary thing that will teach you nothing but biases.

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