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  1. jamesbomb007

    Economics HL Papers 1 and 2

    I did the oligopoly qn in paper 1, I thought it was a little bit weirdly phrased and not a conventional one, but I managed to do it somehow. Paper 2 was simple, very standard questions. Should be able to score a high 20s for that.
  2. jamesbomb007

    HL Physics P1&P2

    How did you guys do the train question in B2 Part 1? What do they mean by F is proportional to v3?? Does it mean we have to assume the formula F=kv3 and try to find the value of the constant k, and use this value to find out the force when the train is travelling at 8ms-1?
  3. jamesbomb007

    B&M IA Research Question - Urgent

    Yes its good, but also depends on what kind of company it is. If its a MNC, it may be difficult for you to cover everything about expansion into Singapore. I assume it should be a small company. It may be difficult for you to come up with figures for an investment appraisal unless the company has made projections. I suppose the qualitative part should be relatively simpler for your question than the quantitative aspect
  4. jamesbomb007

    The Woodpile

    Analysis (in point form) of The Woodpile by Robert Frost
  5. jamesbomb007

    Mathematics HL Paper 3

    The stats and probability option was pretty easy, i lost marks in the last question which was horrendous...it is supposedly a distribution within a distribution. Nobody in my school knew how to do it. Any of you managed to solve it?
  6. jamesbomb007

    How many IB students do you have in your school?

    around 400 in year 5 and another 400 in year 6

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