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  1. negro75

    University Acceptances

    i also applied to 5 and i got offers from all five yes!!! city university for economics 32 points birmigham for eco 34 brimingham 33 for bussiness and managment queen mary 32 for business and managment royal holloway 33 fro eco
  2. negro75

    Your best subject?

    i guess my best subject is fisics lol i really enjoy it soooo i thinkthat it is fort me
  3. negro75

    Course Choices

    wanted to take 3 sciences but my school didnt allowed me becasue of the schedual so ****ed
  4. negro75

    After the IB......!

    i also wanted to study at bocconi but my ****ing dad doesnt want me to go to italy im sooooo pissed off man
  5. negro75

    University Acceptances

    i got 4 offers out of 5 im still waiting for city to answer lol i cant wait!!!!
  6. negro75

    Anti-Procrastination Methods

    I fin d it sooo hard not to procastinate that i dont really have a method i think sometimes i can just actually sit in fron of a desk and work for a certain time but most of the days this really doesnt happen lol.
  7. negro75

    Court Room Procedures

    whats that court room thing you are talking about. I have been enrolled in the ib for 1 and half year and i never heard of it before
  8. negro75

    CAS completed?

    hahah im about to finish and im still missing to sign 5 hours can anyone catch up with that lol.
  9. my teacher is not that bad, but he doesnt help us much with the paractical work. At the moment i have a 3 as my experimental grade and i really need to push it up. But i dont know how. For your problem to study for the test you should go into ibchem.com and try to get some idea of what is being covered in the syllabus. Maybe also try to get some past papers they are really usefull
  10. negro75

    What's Math HL?

    ib math hl is the worst thing possible, i love maths i know i sound like a freak but i do i enjoyed them But when it comes to investigatiqons is when all my love and pasion get lost. I hate them they are so studpi senseless and there is no use in them. If you think about them most of the critiries your are being grade on are on comunication and in the actual exam you dont have much time to comunicate in youir answers so i really think they missed the point there. The syllabus is indeed hard, but not imposible if you have a certain level and you are prepare to work hard.
  11. What deissi said is crucial, u really need to focus on your understanding of the economics concepts, thats what they are marking u on so take into consideration that for them it is more important that you understand the article from an economical point of view than information fronm the companies
  12. Hey im new here i have an example that maybe can be usefull to u but i dont know how to send it if someone could teach me, it can be very helpful at times.

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