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  1. 0.3468 -Your age: 17 -Your gender: Female -Whether you smoke (Yes or No): Occasionally (on weekends/nights out) -Whether you drive (including lessons-Yes or No): No -How many hours you play computer games a week (games, not social networking/internet research etc): less than an hour -How many hours you spend playing sport a week: 4-5 -Which hand you write with: right -Your date of birth: 20.02.1993
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  9. I think it's both. Starts socially, ends up being psychological.
  10. I find people in general who marry for money quite disgusting. It's like marrying for status or even for looks...If you think about it though, it's ironic that people do it for their kids when it's actually harsh on them. Kids who grow up with rich parents who they never see and who spend hours without end busy fighting instead of spending quality time together and enjoying it ends up having a negative effect on the kids themselves. I've seen it in friends. It's impossible to spend 30 years (or more) living with someone you don't even love. If you marry someone and they end up rich, that's lucky, it's cool, but marrying someone you don't like, just for money...It doesn't make sense to me. I'd choose being in an average family who loves being together and seeing each other any day over parents who clearly don't love each other..
  11. To me it symbolizes the end of school life, the end of the 15 years of education we underwent while being dependent on our parents. When our 'school' life is over, things change - we're expected to be a lot more responsible, but we also have a lot more freedom (or most of us do). For example, I'm 17 now and I still have to ask for permission to do things, and I'm not allowed staying in the house alone for one full night because my parents don't want me to, I guess it has something to do with trust. I keep reminding them that they'd better get used to me not needing their permission, but quite ironically, instead of giving me that freedom, they still like to keep their authority over me, despite the fact that in less than a year, I'll be done with school and living on my own. They won't be able to stop me from doing whatever I want, but I'll be expected to know what's best.. I think graduation goes hand in hand with our age when we graduate. When you're 18, (in most countries at least) you're regarded as an adult. So no more being busted for petty mistakes and no more pushing to be up and at school by a certain time every morning and criticized for late nights, that's over as soon as school is. I can't wait
  12. Define 'God' in depth... Then asks who believes God exists. I don't believe in God as any religion puts it...But I believe in a superior force, in a universal energy. Something is there affecting and controlling parts of life and the world, but there is no definite way to actually know what that force/energy is or how it functions.
  13. McGill has the reputation of being one of the best universities in Canada.. Look it up on Google and with seconds you'll have found loads of information on it.
  14. Northfields International High School, Mauritius
  15. I type mine out most of the time these days, just cause there's too much to write! But I find that writing them by hand is more effective, I tend to forget stuff that I've typed...I remember things much better when I wrote them by hand.