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  1. IA

    I did the BMI portfolio, which is very similar to this one. I got the parameters all correct. I put them down as the constants in front of each variable, in the equation that you found.
  2. 17, and then after the exams, i will be 18. woop. when that time comes, a party will most definitely be called.
  3. ke$sha is pretty smart though.
  4. im in my first year of ib, and i play/do a lot of sports, especially swimming. im coping the moment. besides, you playing a lot of sports will really help with those action cas hours.
  5. commerce and then commercial law. i really hope to god that this plan does not fail.
  6. Well different books are preferred by different students, and they vary between providing good explanations and useful (challenging) questions. My friend who takes Maths HL thinks that both the Haese & Harris and Pearson Baccalaureate books are good with their questions. And the Oxford Press and OSC HL Maths books are good for explanations, but the questions are quite easy and basic. I've heard that the IBID book for Maths HL is also quite good, but my friend has never used it before, however overall it has been given a high-rating by students, around the globe. But then again, it's all on personal preference.
  7. From what you said, it sounds as if you haven't chosen a group 4 subject. Regardless if your horrible at science, taking a subject from group 4 is compulsory. As for eco and bam, I wouldn't think that there is anything different in studying both subjects, althought the different viewpoints on some factors in each subject may vary, making it a little confusing. I was in your situation a year back, when I was choosing my options. I was split between eco and bam. Eco is a lot harder than bam, but if you have had previous study in eco, then you won't find it as difficult. Bam is a broader topic, you cover organizations, finance and accounting, marketing etc. Bam is a good subject to take if you tend on studying a specific part of business (marketing, management, finance, accounting etc.). However, if you are just looking towards a commerce degree, then maybe eco would suite you better. Overall, it's really down to your personal choice.Bear in mind, the points I mentioned are very opinionated, as I prefer bam, as opposed to eco.)
  8. i've only ever failed maths. lol worst score would be 44% for the mid-year exam.
  9. In our school, a student needs to put forward a proposal to do 3 science subjects for IB. This is usually only for students who are intending on applying for med school at a university which requires 3 sciences as prerequisites. But certainly, if you already have this consent from your school, you will be able to do all 3 science subjects at HL, and it certainly would set you up nicely for university. However, it is highly unlikely that you will need 3 science subjects to apply for med school, 2 is more than enough, and most universities these days don't even require applicants to have taken any science subjects.
  10. lol, can't get her to spin couterclockwise. but it totally make sense, maths and chemistry is not my thing.
  11. hmm, i guess its always 'family first'....!! twins - yay or nay?
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    Topic: 中学生需要用手机吗? Type: Written Production Word count: 561 Mark: None
  14. I wouldn't think that any universities look down at students who take an ab initio language. You will certainly have an advantage in Chinese, because since you are Chinese, one/both of your parents must be as well, thus they will be able to aid you gain good marks in the subject. Also, I personally believe that because you are already so advanced in both French and Russian (you're starting to get bored of them), then there is really no point in continuing with them, thus Chinese ab initio is a good choice. Plus, i've heard that ab initio is quite easy. As for maths studies, the others have basically covered it. Good luck.
  15. I miss physical education and partying!