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  1. Hey there, thanks for both your replies. Really helpful! argh, its so difficult to decide which ones I should get remarked! One can only hope that their final decision will be rightfully rewarded! @kiwi.at.heart yea, I understand where you are coming from. Last time Sydney's liaison officer came to our school and said that their university converts your ib score into some type of uni score and takes the highest of that and our first year grade averages when you apply to transfer into law in your 2nd year. but, thinking back on that, I should probably get the university themselves to clarify the transfer process. regardless, it would be a boost in confidence if I could push my mark up, even if its just by one mark, lol!
  2. Hey guys, So I am really quite disappointed that I didn't reach the 40s for my IB score (only got 38). Then, I found out from my IB coordinator that I was: - 1 mark off a 6 for English A1 HL (scored low in paper 1 - understandable) (and low in my WL essays?? - I thought I aced them!) (high 6 in my orals) - 2 marks off a 7 for Chemistry SL (I got a lowish 7 for my IA) - 3 marks off an A for my EE on History (practically promised a 7 by my supervisor) - 3% off a 7 for Business and Management HL (predicted a high 7, I also got 23/25 for my IA) (this is my best subject and I thought it was my best exam too) So basically, I'm really thinking of going for a remark for these subjects, but just wanted to get your opinions first. I need as high as an IB score possible, as my desired university (Sydney University) may look at my IB score for transferring into law in my 2nd year. I think my best bets are probably my English, BAM and my EE? Possibly Chem?? (but it's such an objective subject!) What chance do you think that my marks for these subjects will go up? Thanks and your help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi, I was thinking of doing one of the newly opened local EasyWay (tea) franchises in New Zealand for my IA. I was hoping to do something on 'changing their marketing mix - to develop a local customer base', as there are several competitors along the path where they are situated, and all have been along for a while, so they have loyal and developed customer bases. How does this topic sound? Thanks
  4. Hi, so, my teacher is really pushing for me to do my WL1 on 'the presentation of dispossession and possession', but the problem is, I know what the words mean, but I don't really know how to relate the to the context of the two texts that i'm doing. For example, does the following statement make any sense? 'The major characters are dispossessed of their personal freedom and ultimately their lives, due to their constant struggle with the societal constraints that have been forced upon them.' I am trying to say that the major characters have no personal freedom, becaue of the societal expectations they faced during their time and that, in the end they take their own life to free themself from these constraints. Thank you very much for your help! It is highly appreciated
  5. Hi, I haven't read 'Like water for chocolate', but we have studied Kitchen in class, briefly. As far as I can tell, you could consider doing the kitchen as a motif for partnership for Mikage, as she is emotionally attracted to the kitchen, and views it as her 'other half'. When she is lonely, the kitchen makes her feel alive again. etc. You could relate this to a motif in the other book as well.
  6. I did the BMI portfolio, which is very similar to this one. I got the parameters all correct. I put them down as the constants in front of each variable, in the equation that you found.
  7. In my school, practicing or taking lessons for an instrument only counts if it's part of the preparation for your completion of a higher level grade exam. However, the situation for every school is different, so it is best if you were to refer to your CAS coodinator, before making any individual decisions at this stage.
  8. 17, and then after the exams, i will be 18. woop. when that time comes, a party will most definitely be called.
  9. ke$sha is pretty smart though.
  10. im in my first year of ib, and i play/do a lot of sports, especially swimming. im coping fine....at the moment. besides, you playing a lot of sports will really help with those action cas hours.
  11. commerce and then commercial law. i really hope to god that this plan does not fail.
  12. Well, in Feburary next year I will be starting IB year 2. I'm not particularly scared of anything for next year, because I have it off pretty easy, as I am anticipating maths SL, and am taking chem SL, which will basically give me two extra study lines. The only thing I'm a little shaky about is the maths exam at the end of this year. I suck at maths, so yeah. I'm hoping to finish my EE in the 6week summer holiday, before school starts, and my CAS pretty much done and dusted. Lucky me, hopefully.
  13. Hi guys, I really want to read a book on the third reich at war, but am unsure whether to read the Richard Evan's copy of 'The Third Reich At War' or Michael Veranov's book. I want a book that is simple to read, and is not too in-depth. I have been trying to read Richard Evan's 'The Third Reich In Power', but it is too detalied for me, which is quite a put-off altogether. So in your opinion, which book is better to read, for my circumstances? Thanks
  14. Well different books are preferred by different students, and they vary between providing good explanations and useful (challenging) questions. My friend who takes Maths HL thinks that both the Haese & Harris and Pearson Baccalaureate books are good with their questions. And the Oxford Press and OSC HL Maths books are good for explanations, but the questions are quite easy and basic. I've heard that the IBID book for Maths HL is also quite good, but my friend has never used it before, however overall it has been given a high-rating by students, around the globe. But then again, it's all on personal preference.
  15. Ha yea, thanks for that Sandwich, totally agree with you. How about: 'To what extent did America's entry into WWI and WWII change the outcome of war?' ??
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