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  1. london

    IB Revision Courses

    Btw maybe it should be added to the list at the top of this thread that Revision Courses Europe also offer Summer Courses. Since they do
  2. What college are you going to?
  3. london

    Singapore IB School Rankings

    Really cool with an overperforming school I wish mine was, it would probably motivate me.
  4. Yeah mate I know, they seem fantastic. I'm actually going to Sweden... might seem odd for an Englishman but I've never been to Sweden or Scandinavia before. So I'll both see Sweden (which in itself seems like a nice place ) and learn a lot - which I need. Everyone who has their first exams today - Good luck ladies & gents
  5. Hmmm.... giving up, I don't know about that I'm going with my folks to Central America... gonna try out surfing & diving! I'll be there for three weeks & I can promise you this: I'm not gonna touch one single IB book, read a single chapter, or even once think about my EE while I'm there It's gonna be absolutely fantastic. AND I'm going to Revision Courses Europe Summer Courses (www.revisioncourses.com) - I'm really pumped for that one. I'm gonna revise Maths SL, Biology & Chemistry HL and attend a TOK Essay Seminar. Once I get back to school, I'll be: - tanned - happy - prepared for IB2 B) Perfect summer - here I come (only one month left in school) /D
  6. london

    Helpful links

    Revision Courses: Revision Courses Europe: http://www.revisioncourses.com/ Easter + summer Revision in London & Stockholm Oxford study Courses www.osc-ib.com Easter + summer Revision in Oxford (summer in Boston) London IB Revision http://www.londonibrevisioncourses.com/ Easter in London
  7. london

    Should I Take IB, yay or nay?

    I say yay!! I'm in IB1.. for sure, the workload is not light and you might swear at the IB during the two first years, but my brother went to sevenoaks a couple of years ago (now at Oxford) and he still says it was one of the best decisions he's ever made. His friends say the same B) so I'm pumped to get my diploma then again if your brother hated it there is a possibility that the layout of the programme just doesn't match your gene pool
  8. london

    IB Revision Courses

    Mark mate - there are quite a few summer schools to choose from. OSC are big and supposed to be good (but expensive)... there is one called Oxford Science Studies which my friend attended and he said it was OK, but his teacher was the professor type who knew a lot but was constantly confused I myself might be going to Revision Courses Europe, they run courses in Sweden and England, they both seem really cool. It seems like a cool concept and not that expensive either. Check it out at www.revisioncourses.com see ya! Well I haven't attended one but I visited their homepage and am almost certain I'll attend one. You study subjects of your choice and go through what u went through during IB1 (which u r supposed to know when u start IB2 :0 ) . With other words it's a revision course. You also quickly go through what will come during IB2 which I think sounds great. I've started doing that with everything go through something briefly before u really learn it - great tip for u guys! oh and u can also get help with your EE and TOK Essay see y'all this summer
  9. london

    New MacBook Air!

    It's really neat, on the other hand there is no DVD drive... which is a big problem. Not worth the money. And then there is always the breeze problem as described above
  10. london

    IB Revision Courses

    check out www.revisioncourses.com and go to summer courses. It's not expensive! I think I might be going... it's so much cheaper than anything else I have found (Tanjarine, have you found anything else that's cheap?) Peace /london B)
  11. london

    IB Revision Courses

    He took four courses, can't remember exactly but I'm sure of Maths HL and Biology.. but there were 5 or 6 other people from his school who went there and I think they pretty much covered up all the available subjects and they were all almost eupohrical when they spoke of the courses It sounds like OSC is good too but it's like more than twice the price:(
  12. london

    Recommended Revision?

    1 hour, at the most! I'm taking it easy, I'll probably wind up studying all the time next spring I'm planning to attend mid-IB revision courses this summer though
  13. london

    After the IB......!

    I want to study economics and then satisfy my entrepreneurial ambitions start a company, become immensely rich, take over the world etc.
  14. london

    Politician wanted IB banned

    This is SO funny!!
  15. london

    IB Revision Courses

    They're in Stockholm, their website is www.revisioncourses.com I have a friend who took their revision courses in Stockholm and said that they were sooo great and his friends thought so too, so I'm definitely going for that the ones in London though (it's a bit closer - like a 1000 miles ). They're like half the price of OSC and still supposed to be at least as good so I see no reason to take OSC however I'm only in IB1 so I'll have to wait a year B)

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