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  1. Ask your parents to talk to the headmaster or whoever is running your school? This sounds absolutely ridiculous. Your teacher/DPC are not 5 years old, they should leave their emotional nature at home. They're there to teach you and protect your interests as a student. Sounds like they're doing an appalling job.
  2. For marketing, I'd say it couldn't matter any less what your Maths level is, but Management is likely to have at least a bit of maths in it, so you might want to check if the universities you're applying to are happy with studies.
  3. subjects

    In the US, Law is a postgraduate degree, so your IB subjects are unlikely to matter. You need to do an undergraduate degree first
  4. We can't do the work for you, you need to come up with an idea yourself, we can only comment on it. Also, it's not allowed to talk in a language other than English on this forum without providing a translation
  5. It also depends on a country, because some countries would require you to have a diploma.
  6. It depends on the individual scores in the papers/IAs and what they add up to, and not the grades they correspond to so, e.g. if you got 60 on something, not whether it's a 5 on that component. And then they have different weights. As an example, in Maths SL, I had a 6 in my paper 1, 6 in my IAs, but a 4 in Paper 2. And it added up to a 5 in the end.
  7. Even if we do, you have to come up with the idea for your own essay by yourself. It's part of the EE writing process. We can't (and won't) do your work for you. You are welcome, however, to come back when you have your own ideas, and I'm sure someone will be more than happy to help you narrow it down.
  8. Yes, you should include experiments/studies.
  9. I would go for English B if I were you, there's no point subjecting yourself to A HL if you're not good at analysing stuff, and you need good grades in your HLs to get into uni, because that's what they care about the most. You don't need English A to study in the UK.
  11. Here's my thought: it's for you to decide, how are we meant to know what you're good at and what you're interested in?
  12. I think you will be hard pressed to find a university that will accept you for engineering with Maths Studies. I understand you enjoy designing, but engineering is A LOT of maths, and at a higher level than in the IB. If you're struggling with SL, you're most likely going to struggle with maths in engineering. Also, from what you're saying, if the mistakes you're making are stuff like not putting a minus when its due, how is switching to studies going to help?
  13. If you're doing May exams, it'll usually be done in the autumn of IB2. It's highly unlikely that you're registered now, it would be extremely early, but ask your IB coordinator for a confirmation.
  14. Talk to your IB Coordinator about it, ask them to run it through turnitin or whatever plagiarism software your school uses. It seems like your teacher has no grounds to be accusing you of plagiarism. In 'real life' that would be considered libel. I don't think you should give in to redoing the essay, unless your school gets really stubborn and gives you no choice. It is not ok to accuse someone of something they didn't do. For the future, though, if you paraphrase something, reference it, just to be on the safe side. No one expects crazy originality from you, you're just a high school student with limited resources.
  15. MA's in the UK are done after you've finished your undergraduate, and in the case of psychology it'd likely be an MSc, done after your BA or BSc. So not something you should be worrying about now, as you'll be applying for it with your grades from the undergrad anyway. Also, Psychology at majority of UK universities is a science degree, and from what I've seen (at least at the universities I looked at), IB Psychology is regarded as a science subject for the purpose of admission. And you don't need English A HL for any psychology degree. It has no relation to it whatsoever.