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  1. Gaby

    Which calculator???

    Amazon actually has pretty amazing customer services, so if the calculator you get is defective they will send you a replacement. I ordered my TI and all the textbooks from Amazon back in the day and everything came to me just fine (from UK to Poland).
  2. Maybe give people some chance to answer...
  3. I'd start with just the textbooks your school recommends and then, if you feel you need any extras, look for additional ones. For example, we used Oxford textbooks for Chemistry and Psychology, but I ended up buying Pearson ones as extras because I found their style easier to understand, and used all resources.
  4. Gaby

    getting permission for ib irregular diploma

    You need to talk to your IB Coordinator about the fact that you need to take all three sciences for you to gain admission to university of your choice. It would be them applying for it on your behalf, and not you applying directly to the IBO. Either way, your IBC should know how to handle this problem, especially since, as you say, it's customary for Indian universities to ask for all three sciences to be taken.
  5. Gaby

    Can I change sl to hl maths in year 12?

    It will also depend on your school. It is technically possible to change your subjects up until the exam registration, but your school might not let you. So you will want to find out if your school is ok with increasing your Maths level during the programme (tbh, most people go down when it comes to Maths.)
  6. Gaby

    Job after IB Diploma?

    IB is still just a high school qualification, it's no considered partly a bachelors degree. Many many people in the world do not have higher education, and increasingly some people forego getting a degree altogether out of choice, because they don't feel that they need it in their career. Also, depends what you mean by a 'qualified job'. You're not really a qualified anything after IB. You can't be a lawyer, doctor, or anything like that. But you can probably get an assistant job in a PR agency. It depends what your career goals are. It often also depends on the job market in the country in which you live. There might be some other ways to get a good job e.g. I've just finished my degree, and I'm about to start working in tax consulting, but my company also offers a programme similar to the graduate one for recent high school graduates.
  7. Gaby

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Will your grades, overall, meet the entry requirements for the degree you want to study (which will be in the 38-39 region, I believe)? Do you have the relevant subjects? A 4 won't look good, I'm not going to lie to you, but since it is in SL, it might necessarily kill your application completely. I applied (for Law) with a predicted 6 or 7 in Maths SL, but ended up getting a 5. Since I overall met my offer, it didn't matter, but in an application, I guess it will depend on the strength of the overall thing.
  8. Gaby

    Going up to 5 HLs

    She was also unbelievably smart, and got a virtually unconditional offer for Oxford Law, as it asked her to get 1 point in the IB (which is absolutely unheard of to the point that the admissions department was surprised by it). She ended up doing Philosophy at Harvard. But that level of commitment to the diploma is an anomaly, not an example to follow, mind you.
  9. Yes, you are. As I've said like 5 replies ago.
  10. No, it's kind of obvious that if you're doing English B, that your language A is something different. It doesn't matter what language A you do. I did Polish A Literature. You can, however, do an IB DIPLOMA (as in, all of your subjects apart from languages) in English, French or Spanish, so that'd mean that you'd probably need to take a language test if you did not do you DIPLOMA in English. And that was what I meant by doing IB in French or Spanish.
  11. Yes, I am sure, because I got into: Oxford, UCL, Queen Mary, Cass Business School, Exeter and Newcastle with English B HL. And I could go on with a list of my classmates who got into other UK universities with English B HL and diploma done in English. You do need to take IELTS or TOEFL. Unless you're doing IB in French or Spanish.
  12. Yes, you can get in with English B.
  13. Gaby


    Either way, you cannot take English B as your Group 1 subject, you can only take a language A as Group 1. B languages are Group 2. You need to take some A language to get a diploma.
  14. Gaby


    English B, and any language B, is meant for people who are NOT native speakers, and for whom English is NOT the first language. It's basically English as a second language. You do need to take a Language A in the IB, there's no going around that if you're aiming for the full diploma, and if English is your first language, then that should be your language A. I'm guessing by A2 you mean Language and Literature? Because Language A2 has not been a thing since 2012, so it's impossible for your school to be offering that.
  15. It's your job to come up with a topic for your EE, it's part of the whole process. When you have some ideas, come back and people will be happy to comment on how good your topic is and help you tweak it. But we can't just magic a topic for you.

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