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  1. No, it is not. The most important thing is showing/proving that you have the passion for the subject you're applying for. The leadership thing is an American preference
  2. This depends heavily on your school, and varies from country to country, so you should ask your school.
  3. I wouldn't remark if I was in the middle of the boundary, tbh. Very unlikely to change that much.
  4. IB is not an easy programme, but it most certainly is not impossible. In my school only non-native English speakers took it (we didn't really have any native speakers there, tbh), and we had quite a few 40+ scores in my year. People like to make it look like it's impossible, when it fact it's just hard work. When it comes to your English, given the limited sample I got from your post, you shouldn't have much to worry about (unless you're taking English A?). Your English appears to be more than adequate. When it comes to Maths, I think a lot depends on your teacher and how much work you're willing to put in. I wasn't amazing or even particularly good at maths for most of my school career (expect for a short period in middle school when they changed our teacher to this absolutely amazing one), but at university, with great lecturers and enough work, my highest grades are now in maths-related subjects.
  5. They're all on the IBO website. Just google name of the subject + syllabus, and it should be the first result. They should also be available in the Files section on the forum.
  6. Check with your EE supervisor, but at my university, where we use Harvard as well, in-text references are excluded from the word count, and your example would count as 6 words.
  7. If you are indeed to graduate in 2018, as your profile says, then I second @mac117, it's waaaaaaay too early, and you'd be wasting your time even trying. It'd also help if you told us which country you're applying to.
  8. Sorry, can't help here. I never took Spanish in the IB, I took English and I speak it fluently, so never really needed any resources. But I'm sure there are some out there.
  9. Spanish B is designed for non-native speakers. Native speakers shouldn't actually be allowed to take it (it's a pity schools allow it, to be honest, cause it raises the grade boundaries unreasonably high), but you can definitely be successful in a language B HL without speaking it at home, provided you're at a sufficiently advanced level and willing to put work in. Good luck
  10. Just wait till your grades are out, then everything is 100% safe to post online. Though private sharing (e.g. via email) would not be caught by plagiarism software
  11. Ask your parents to talk to the headmaster or whoever is running your school? This sounds absolutely ridiculous. Your teacher/DPC are not 5 years old, they should leave their emotional nature at home. They're there to teach you and protect your interests as a student. Sounds like they're doing an appalling job.
  12. For marketing, I'd say it couldn't matter any less what your Maths level is, but Management is likely to have at least a bit of maths in it, so you might want to check if the universities you're applying to are happy with studies.
  13. subjects

    In the US, Law is a postgraduate degree, so your IB subjects are unlikely to matter. You need to do an undergraduate degree first
  14. We can't do the work for you, you need to come up with an idea yourself, we can only comment on it. Also, it's not allowed to talk in a language other than English on this forum without providing a translation
  15. It also depends on a country, because some countries would require you to have a diploma.