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  1. Economics, as far as I know, is regarded as the easiest of the three to score high in. None of those subjects requires any prior knowledge, though, so don't worry about not having studied them before. I'd recommend having a look at the syllabi for all those subjects (they're in the files section on this forum, or you can just google them and the IBO website should pop up), and see which one sparks your interest.
  2. I would say a fluke, or the course/university was undersubscribed, or possibly your friend has gone through Clearing. Most offers will be in line with the entry requirements, and it is generally not advised to apply to a course/university if you don't meet entry requirements.
  3. First of all, stop posting this topic all over the place, they're not separate 'boards', people see all of them at the same time. And with Group 3 subjects it tends to be that the one that's easiest to score high in is the one you have an actual interest in. Also the one that has a better teacher. I personally loved Psychology because I was interested in it, and I had an amazing teacher - and I ended up with a 7. Now, it's possible you could objectively say that maybe Philosophy is easier to score highly in, but I would have hated my life if I took Philosophy, because I've absolutely no interest in it. I hope you get what I'm saying - it depends solely on you. Psychology will require you to memorise a lot of psychological studies, and their dates, so if it's not something you want to do, then might not be a good choice. On the other hand, the Biological Level of Analysis bit in Psychology will tie in nicely with your Biology HL.
  4. From my experience, Econ is not required for Business (I'm about to graduate from a Business Studies degree in the UK, and I haven't even come near Econ, I even avoided it during my degree for the most part), but, as always, check with the universities you want to apply to. Because it's impossible for anyone here to have knowledge about all the universities and college in US and Canada. But I would up it to Maths SL, though, cause all of those degrees require numerical skills, especially Finance and Accounting.
  5. If I understand correctly, grade 11 is your first year of the programme? If so, then there will be no official IB exams that year. You will have to work on your internal assessment as and when set by your teachers, though. IB only has one set of exams, and they're at the end of the programme. That being said, your school can run whatever exams it wants, so you might have some internal exams. Seeing as you're in Canada, as I understand you might have some provincial exams? However, I'm really unfamiliar with the educational system in Canada, so you'll get the most accurate answer if you as your IB Coordinator or just one of your teachers. Best of luck
  6. If you have exams during the programme (after year 1), they will be organised by your school. There are no official IB exams during the programme, only at the end.
  7. It sounds like a really weird piece of advice to me, as LinkedIn is a professional network. I have yet to see anyone lower than undergraduate level on LinkedIn, most people on there are working professionals. Unless you want to find a job straight out of high school (which you clearly don't), then I don't quite understand the point, unless it's so that if an admissions officer Googles you (which they most likely don't have time to do), something more polished than your Facebook profile shows up. There is no harm in setting up a profile but, frankly, I doubt you'll have much to put on there, but I'd be surprised if it was in any way beneficial to your application. If you're interested, here's the link to my profile (though keep in mind I'm a third year undergraduate):
  8. Looks like a fine combination to me. You don't need IELTS, I got into Law with English B HL. You can stick with Lang and Lit if you prefer it.
  9. But do you actually want to study something that's related to maths and requires such a high level of it? Your post doesn't indicate it. Because if you don't, then I don't see the point of forcing yourself to do it and jumping through a lot of hoops to be allowed to take it if you don't actually need it for anything. It's a very difficult subject, and taking it just for the sake of having a rigorous schedule might not be the best choice.
  10. Those tests are school-specific and not set by the IBO, so they will vary greatly from school to school. It'll be a test set by the school you're trying to enter to determine whether you're capable enough to succeed in the diploma programme.
  11. I have not taken Chinese B, however, the B languages are meant for non-native speakers, and for B SL languages I believe 2 years of prior study is required/recommended, however, it'll depend on your school most likely. You might want to try to ask your teacher for some past papers of the subjects and see how you feel about its difficulty.
  12. No, there is no such thing as further Physics. I recommend you speak to your guidance counsellor as to what class you might take your senior year to continue your physics education. Good luck
  13. The thing is, if you want to major in Economics at university, then BM HL won't really be helpful, as Business and Economics are quite separate fields, especially at universities (at my university they aren't even housed within the same school). It could be an interesting subject and give you a broad perspective of a business world (though I haven't actually taken BM in the IB, but I'm studying Business Studies at university at the moment), but you might want to consider whether it will help you create the strongest application possible, given the caliber of the universities you're going to be applying to. Best of luck
  14. I'm not saying there isn't a variation, they are different subjects, I am just relaying to you what I know (or have heard) about how a combination of those subjects is perceived by universities. You are of course free to disregard my opinion completely, but don't patronise me lol