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  1. For Business these look fine, I'm currently studying business at Cass in London, and I got in with the subjects you can see in my signature. But you need to check the entry requirements from the specific universities, because e.g. LSE wouldn't let me in with my maths grade.
  2. When King's College London reviewed their entry requirements a few years ago they made it easier than it was before.
  3. If you want to get the diploma, you need to take a second language. With the subjects you have right now, you can only receive certificates.
  4. That's brilliant! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your time at LSE
  5. Birckbeck is hardly a reputable university in the UK. I didn't even know they had a business programme.
  6. My school used turnitin as well, there were never any problems
  7. In the US law school is a graduate school, so your IB subjects won't matter at all, since you will have done an undergraduate degree before applying to do law.
  8. It strictly depends on the country, so without you letting us know where you want to apply, we can't help. Always best to do some research on the university websites.
  9. UK universities don't require English A. There's no need to take it, unless you want to, and English B gets you an easy 6 or a 7. I got into Oxford Law with English B HL. Both options look good, with option 1 probably marginally better (History is a good choice for law). When it comes to choosing between Biology and Chemistry, unless your chosen universities have a preference, simply go with what you feel more confident with. Biology will be more memorisation, Chemistry more logic, but neither is exactly easy at HL (nothing is easy at HL), so play to your strengths.
  10. Really happy for you. History is tough to get a 7 in, but congrats on the great score anyway
  11. If money isn't an issue, I think you should. In maths and the like, it's hard to go up, but essay-based subjects like History and Geography are very subjective, so you could easily be marked up a point or two. Just keep in mind that your score can go down as well (though if you're 1-2 points away from the upper boundary, it's highly unlikely to go down a whole grade). Good luck!
  12. You don't say...
  13. Have you checked the entry requirements of universities you're considering? Things like that vary from country to country, too, so it'd help to know where you'll be applying. Either way, I'd keep English and drop Chemistry, because English is essay-based, and so would your Philosophy degree. Most universities would like to see you sort of know what you're in for. But definitely check the entry requirements, you might find out you need some other subject, or that they don't care at all, in which case it'd be completely up to you what you keep at HL.
  14. Don't you think it'd be a pretty good idea to check if you actually enjoy computer science before you commit to a degree in it?
  15. I had to write two (TWO) TOK essays, because my first one was so off-topic two TOK teachers told me there was nothing that could be done to fix it, so I had to choose a new topic and write a new essay. I wanted to die.