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  1. English B HL is sufficient for studying in the UK. When I was looking into studying Psychology, they considered Psych HL a science, sufficient for admission. Since you have Bio HL on top of that, you're good to go. I got into a total of 8 UK universities with English B HL, including ones from the top 10.
  2. This will strictly depend on the country you apply in. It's best to check with universities in the country you'll be applying in. But is it a worry about the level of language?
  3. We can't give you ideas, you need to do some research yourself. All we can do is help you refine a topic you already came up with.
  4. If the requirements don't ask for Maths HL (and I doubt they do, maths isn't really a part of a social policy degree as far as I know), then no, they won't throw it away. But if you want to do Economics, don't apply for something else simply because you want to go to LSE.
  5. You need Maths HL for engineering. Even if it's not required (and most unis in the UK will require it), because so much of your Engineering degree will be maths. And if you're scared of high school Maths, then you probably should reconsider your choice to study Engineering, cause maths there will definitely be harder than IB Maths HL.
  6. You need to be very, very careful about choosing your topic. It sounds like you're trying to write one that is toeing a line between Physics and Economics. Which will not go down well with the IB, as they're very strict about EEs sticking to one subject. I recommend you read the EE guide before you proceed any further. Also, we can't suggest topics for you, that's part of the research process, and we can't do that for you Good luck
  7. That subject selection would only be possible if you took an irregular diploma, as you need to take a social science (group 3), or if you took physics as a 7th subject.
  8. None of them has any relevance to computer science, so just go with whatever you will enjoy the most. Provided you meet the entry requirements for the universities you're considering applying to.
  9. Yes, if you find a school where you can take the course, do the IAs and write the exam. I know a number of people who did certificates a few years after getting their diploma, and my school was very accommodating towards them. I even know one girl who did her diploma in one city and certificates in a another school across the country.
  10. I think it's quite broad and you need to narrow it down. Maybe analyse a certain mafia 'family' (is that the right word? Or did I just read too much Mario Puzo?), or mafia in a certain city, and specify the period. e.g. the influence of an x mafia family on an event/period x? Read the EE guide, so that you stay within the subject matter. I think mafia is really, really interesting, I did my History IA on the Valentine's Day Massacre by IA Capone's syndicate. I didn't score brilliantly well (but that's the joy of history IA marking), but it was amazing fun to research. If your teacher is great, then I'm sure they'll be of help, so make sure you ask for it when you need it! Good luck!
  11. I put absolutely zero effort into English B and got a 7. I did maybe two past papers on my own as prep, then decided I can't be bothered anymore.
  12. I think the subject you're missing as one of your HLs is Maths, which is required by most engineering departments in the world.
  13. You should do your research yourself. There are millions of books in the world. You should think of what interests you, and get digging. It's part of the EE writing process. And if you're not much into literature, maybe you shouldn't be writing an English A EE.
  14. You need to take at least 3 HL subjects to get an IB Diploma. HL classes have additional content on top of what is included in the SL syllabus.
  15. It honestly couldn't matter less. Law school won't care which science you took at SL. Just choose what you prefer. Biology is more memorising, Chem more understanding concepts. That's about it. For med school, I believe you need 2 sciences at HL, but check with unis directly.