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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post here, any help will be appreciated Basically, I am going to start IB next year. I'm best at maths and would like to study architecture in the future. So far I have decided to do: Group 1 - English Group 2 - Spanish ab initio (or maybe Chinese..) Group 4 - Physics Group 5 - Math Group 6 - Visual Arts - Design ...but for Group 3 - My school offers Business & Management, Economics, Psychology, Geography, ITGS and History. But as somebody wanting to study architecture, I don't know what will be the most useful for me. If the types of subjects from Group 3 don't really matter, which subject is it easiest to get good marks in? I have heard Business & Management was the easiest my a lot of seniors in my school but could anyone else on here please help me? Please give me some advice on what you guys think!! THANKS
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